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The Episode starts with Tukoji saying everything is happening as you wanted, who will be here with Mukta during Anushtaan. She smiles and says it’s the person who can give life for Dev, Desh and Dharm, I think I should go to Pune alone. He says no, its dangerous. She says I understand your concern, I have a solution, I will inform the village sarpanch and move on. Gangoba checks and doesn’t see anyone. He sees Malhar sleeping. He goes and checks Raghoba. He asks the guards to increase the security. Guards leave.

Malerao is with Kesar. She asks what’s special in me. He says I will keep looking at you till the diya flame is blown off. She says people will find you mad, you should go now. He says you don’t become so harsh. She says you have responsibilities. He says let me be here. They sit looking at each other.

She asks why to go on that path where there is no destination, I request you, not to make any relation that has no destination, go from here. She cries. Maina gets angry and puts off the diyas. She cries. Kesar asks Malerao to go. Tukoji comes there. Malerao hides. Kesar opens the door. Tukoji says Ahilya has called you immediately, I will wait outside. He leaves. Kesar asks Malerao to go from the other door. Malerao leaves. She thinks why did Ahilya call me. Mukta says the Anushtaan is going to start. She goes and informs this to everyone. She calls Harku and Dwarka.

Everyone comes. Rajguru says I will be outside and do the yagya, you have to stay locked in the room for 2 days and do this Anushtaan. Ahilya says I have got the person to sit with me. She sees Kesar and smiles. Malerao comes to Maina. He wakes her up. Maina scolds him. He asks her not to cry. She asks why did you do, I will regret this always. He says I promise, I will spend the day with you. She says you don’t look happy, I don’t want your support, if you keep responsibility this way, then I will become a burden for you, I don’t want to become a burden. Ahilya says Kesar is an orphan, she will sit with me in the Anushtaan. Dwarka asks will this be okay. Ahilya says yes, I trust her, don’t worry, bless me and permit me to shut the door for Anushtaan. Everyone leaves. Tukoji signs Ahilya and goes. Kesar asks what’s happening, I don’t understand. Ahilya says you told me that I can call you anytime to take help. Kesar says yes, I can give my life for you. Ahilya says no, I just want loyalty. She calls Mukta there. Mukta comes in Ahilya’s disguise. Ahilya says I know you will be a part of this mission and not refuse to it, when you know everything, I m going to give you a big responsibility. Gautama does the puja. She screams seeing something. Guards run. Malhar comes running. Gangoba and Raghoba also come. She asks Malhar to see.

Dwarka says I got breakfast for Ahilya. Kesar stops her and says no one can come inside. Dwarka scolds her. Ahilya is leaving. Gunu ji guards the gate.

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