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The Episode starts with Gunu ji keeping an eye on the pandits. Ahilya thanks Harku Bai for supporting her in this mission. Harku blesses her to win and come. Gunuji asks the guard to kill anyone he finds suspicious and have no pity. Mukta asks Ahilya not to worry. She says I will handle everything. Ahilya says Kesar, this door won’t open for two days, if there is any problem, then take only Harku’s help. Kesar says sure. Ahilya says until I come back after finding Pune’s political situation, you have to take care of them. Harku nods. They hear a whistle. Ahilya goes. Malhar and Gautama see the guard’s head. He gets the letter and reads. Raghoba says you tell me now, do you want any other proof, Madhav Rao did this to scare us. A man aims arrow at Malhar. Raghoba runs to save Malhar. He gets hurt by the arrow. The attacker shoots arrows at them and makes them drop the swords. Everyone gets caught by the enemies. Raghoba smiles. Gautama worries and runs to Malhar. Ahilya tries to sneak out of the palace. Tukoji and Yashwant ask her to come down. Ahilya gets a rope. She consoles Mukta and goes.

Gunu ji says is Ahilya behind all this. Rajguru does the puja. Gunu ji goes to check. He finds the door shut. Yashwant sees Gunu ji coming and whistles. He signs Tukoji. Tukoji signs Ahilya to stop. They all hide. Gunu ji comes out. Ahilya prays. Yashwant sees the pots and gets an idea. He throws a stone at the pot. Gunu ji asks who is there. He goes to check. Ahilya comes down.

Gunu ji doesn’t see anyone. He says it means it was some plan to distract me. He rushes back. Ahilya sees him coming. Ahilya, Tukoji and Yashwant hide behind the pandits and leave. Kesar and Harku pull the rope upwards. Gunu ji doesn’t see them. The attackers say we are messengers from Pune Darbar, we regret to behave like this with Raghoba, but you are betraying us. Raghoba praises Malhar. He says you can’t do injustice with Malhar. The man scolds her. Yashwant says this Rajya is yours, you can go to Pune. Ahilya says this matter is not right, Raghoba is standing as a wall in front of us, I know him, he would have blocked routes to Pune and his spies would be here in the palace, Gunu ji is also with him. Yashwant says we will tackle him. She says don’t rush, we have to take the step by thinking well, Gautama, Malhar and Malerao are in Raghoba’s favor, we have to gather proof and show it to them, don’t trust anyone else than Tukoji and Harku, until I come back. She covers her face and leaves.

Dwarka says I got food for Ahilya. Kesar stops her. Dwarka sees Mukta in the room. Ahilya gets attacked and captured.

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