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The Episode starts with Ahilya leaving the palace. Malhar and everyone fight the attackers. Raghoba also beats the men. He hugs Malhar. Malhar asks him to come. Raghoba recalls making a plan. He says Malhar has already seen you, cover the faces, don’t hurt anyone, I have to win his faith, we will just kill person and create much terror. He kills his guard. FB ends. Malhar asks Raghoba is the wound deep. Raghoba says no, nothing will happen to me, I hope our alliance doesn’t get hurt. Malhar says no, I will reach Malwa tomorrow and send letters to the other Kings, I will express my wish, you will be the Peshwa, I wish Ahilya was with me in my decision. Ahilya meets the village sarpanch. He says its our good luck to get a chance to welcome you, have some food, the journey is long. She says thanks, but I m in a hurry, I will have food in the next village. She leaves. Dwarka and Gunu ji see the maid taking food. Gunu ji asks Dwarka to find out, time is less. Maid says the food is for Ahilya. Dwarka says give it to me, I will take it. She takes it and asks Kesar to open the door. Kesar says Ahilya is doing puja. Dwarka says I will wait, but I will give the food plate to her. She scolds Kesar. Mukta worries. Kesar says sorry, I m just obeying Ahilya’s command. Dwarka says you are making a mistake. Dwarka pushes the door. She sees Mukta’s reflection in the mirror. She smiles and gives the food plate to Kesar. She says feed it to her. Kesar shuts the door. She asks Mukta to sit back once. She goes to stand at the door and looks inside. She sees the mirror. She gets shocked. She thinks Dwarka had seen Mukta, so she agreed and left. She recalls Ahilya’s words. She says I will just go and come, until I come back and call you out, don’t open the door, I m new here, where will I find Harku Rani.

Gunu ji asks what are you saying. Dwarka says I have seen it, Mukta was sitting in Ahilya’s place, it means …. He says our doubt was right, Ahilya has done something. Sita says we will tell the truth to everyone and defame Ahilya. Dwarka says no, it will be a foolish move, we have to stay silent right now, don’t ask me, let them stay mistaken, they won’t find Ahilya, Gunu ji knows what to do, I will take care that nobody knows Ahilya isn’t in her room. Gunu ji sends the pigeon with the message. Dwarka asks Harku does she not miss Ahilya. Harku says she is doing a puja for our sake. Dwarka says yes, she is in her room, we can’t talk to her, it looks like she went on a mission. Harku says yes, Gautama has gone out, don’t you miss her. Rakma says Dwarka jokes Harku’s plan. Harku says no, we don’t understand, what’s the next plan. Dwarka says I understand your game now. Kesar comes. Dwarka sees her and says if I know the other person’s move, then I change my move. Kesar hides and goes. Dwarka asks Rakma to play the game. She goes out. She asks Sita to be quiet. Dwarka says Kesar might be knowing that we know about Ahilya’s absence, go and stop her. Gunu ji rushes. Raghoba gets the message through the pigeon. He smiles. He sends his men after Ahilya. Ahilya gets attacked on the way. She falls in a deep pit and gets trapped. Many attackers surround her.

Malhar says we will leave for the palace, I m missing Ahilya, I want to meet her. The men bury Ahilya.

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