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The Episode starts with the goons tying up Ahilya and putting her in the deep pit. Kesar thinks the palace is really big. Gunu ji thinks to stop her. She turns. He hides from her. Tukoji comes and holds her. He says don’t get scared, its me, what’s the matter. She says Dwarka got to know that Ahilya isn’t in her room. Yashwant asks did you say this to anyone. She signs no. She says Ahilya asked me to go to Harku, but Dwarka was there. Tukoji thanks her. She says its my duty. He says go to Mukta and don’t open the door for anyone. She goes. He asks Yashwant to handle things. He says I m going to help Ahilya, I have to find her and get her back. Yashwant asks how will you find out where is she. Tukoji says I will ask the village sarpanch, delay isn’t good, I will go, you handle here. The men bury Ahilya. Malhar says I don’t know Ahilya, this never happened that I couldn’t explain you my point, don’t know why you aren’t able to understand my point. He sees smoke in the jungle. He sees Khanderao coming. He says Khanderao…. He smiles and opens arms for him. He asks why did you go leaving me, I miss you a lot.

Khanderao says don’t say this, I m always with you in Ahilya’s avatar. He praises Ahilya. Malhar says this time, everything has changed, she has gone against me without a reason, she is wrong. Khanderao says you are saying this, we all misunderstood her, but you never left the support, you always stood with her, you always trusted her, don’t misunderstand her. Malhar says I m not against her thoughts, she isn’t able to see the truth. Khanderao says do one thing, look at the sky and tell me, where is the sun right now. Malhar says there are clouds, how will I see the sun. Khanderao says look again. Malhar says yes, now its there. Khanderao says sun was at its place, you couldn’t see it because of the clouds, maybe there is a truth covered, Ahilya has sensed it and she can see it, you aren’t seeing it, Ahilya is my deposit, you have it now, she always needs you, I request you, don’t make her away. He goes. Gautama comes and holds Malhar. Malhar sees Khanderao gone. Tukoji comes to the village and asks about Ahilya. Sarpanch guides him the way. Tukoji rushes. The goons put the soil over Ahilya’s head. A man sees Tukoji coming and signals the goons. They cover the land with green bushes. Ahilya sees Tukoji and cries. Tukoji stops there and looks around. He goes ahead. The goon says Ahilya will die, whoever will come between Raghoba and throne will die. They leave. Gunu ji gets a letter from Raghoba. He laughs. He says Ahilya has passed away. Dwarka asks what, if this news is true, then you will sit on Malwa throne.

The winds blow. Everyone looks on. The temple bells ring. Rajguru says this isn’t a good sign, we have to pray and save this diya. Harku asks Mukta not to worry and just complete the Anushtaan. Gautama says storm is coming, I feel it’s a bad sign. Malhar says we will return to the palace, I have to meet Ahilya, I miss her. She asks him to come. Raghoba smiles. Tukoji finds Ahilya’s horse. He says it means Ahilya is here. Sarpanch says she has gone ahead of our village. Other sarpanch says she didn’t reach our village. Tukoji says you mean she is in the middle of both the villagers. He sits down and makes the map. He says it means she is here, go and find her. He shouts Ahilya. He says I don’t know where did she go. He shouts to Shiv Shambu and prays for help. He sits crying and hits on the ground. He sees the foot impressions and thinks did anything wrong happen with her.

Malhar says Raghoba and I will swear today. Ahilya comes with Tukoji and says stop.

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