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Scene 1
Everyone is in the car. Kinjal asks Pratiksha what’s going on? She says I will tell you when we’re home. Pratiksha opens the window. Kaviya asks her to close it. She syas I was suffocating. Amar comes to Mandip. She doesn’t talk to him. Amar says I want to say something. I will stand with the right. She says I am already worried. He says what you did with Pratiksha was so wrong. You’re being her enemy for no reason. She says what do you want? He says Ravi is my son and I know he loves Pratiksha She says never say this again. I want Ravi to only love Kaviya and be her husband. Amar says you can’t change Pratiksha’s fate. She has ravi’s love and this house. She says you’re Ravi’s dad. He says Pratiksha is my daughter as well. I accpeted her as my daughter when she came too this house.

Adi meets a guy in the office. He calls Ravi. He says did yyou call a guy Mohit to meet? Ravi says ask him to meet me tomorrow. Adi says he won’t be coming to office. Ravi says I will. Mandip says now you will take her side? Amar says I am tired. Pratiksha is Ravi’s wife. She is a good girl. She loves Ravi. You’re wrong. You slapped her while you should have thanked her. She saved Ravi’s life. Okay you got emotional. You have no remorse. Your ego is getting bigger than everything. Pratiksha is the DIL of this house. Accept it.

Scene 2
Ravi comes home. Pratiksha’s pally falls on his face. He says your pallu gets stuck in my watch all the time. He says what are your plans? they both fight who will pluck it. Kaviya pushes it off, Pratiksha’s saree tears. Ravi says what did yyou do. She says I will get her a new saree. Ravi goes inside. Kaviya says to Pratiksha stay away from Ravi. Pratiksha syas I will do what I want. I am Ravi’s wife. You also challenged me you will kick me out of this house. Youu always failed.
Amar says to Mandip I am standing with Pratiksha. If you do anything with her I will stop it. Mandiip says what has she done that you suddenly became her father? He says she saved Ravi’s life. She risked her own life for him.

Kinjal asks Pratiksha what happened? You look angry. Pratiksha says I was so excited to confess my feelings but I saw Ravi and Kaviya together. He was hugging her. Kinjal says it’s fine. She was worried. He’s not like that. Pratiksha says he is. Kaviya says to Mandip I am so happy. Ravi loves me. He has realized my value. Kinjal says to Pratiksha don’t be so angry. He cares for Kaviya only. Pratiksha says he must be boastful. She says no, Ravi loves you. He can never speak bad about you. he’s very pure. Kaviya says Ravi loves me only. He hugged me. I know he loves me, I felt it. He couldn’t see me cry. Manvi says I am happy to see you this way. Kaviya says that Pratiksha makes me so angry. Ravi says to Kinjal why is your daughter always so angry. Kinjal says you shouldn’t have hugged her. He says who? Kaviya?

Episode ends

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