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Scene 1
Ravi says I liked that we ate together. She says I’ve to go. He says no sit. Kaviya says to Mandip I didn’t say anything in the police station. You know Pratiksha was gonna get married to someone else. we don’t know what her plan is. Rvi says can’t we talk? She says today was long, I need to rest. He says don’t lie. You like talking to me. I know that. She says so much misunderstanding. He says I’ve no control over my heart when it comes to yyou. I know you care for me. You get mad, I know you won’t tell me why. She says what would it matter. He says no tell me. Kavuya says mom she’s taking my rights. You couldn’t protect my rights. She’s taking all my happiness. I had all my hopes with you. But nothing happened. You’re busy in your own life. Mandip says I want to get rid of her myself. Kaviya says she’s so negative. She’s a curse for this house. We’ve to get rid of her. Please help me mom. Do something. They’re still together. Ravi can’t see her reality, I can see her truth. kavya says if I lose everything i will kill myself. I have always considered you my mother. Mandip says I am sorry. I got too late. I should’ve done this way long ago. You’ve done so much for our family. Kaviya has insulted us in the whole society. Her days are over. She will cry now, not you.

Ravi says you have too much attitude she says when did I show attitude? She says you are so childish. Mandip comes there. She says when will you stop all this Pratiksha? Ravi says what happned mom? Mandip says you can’t see her reality. THis girl is a curse. She won’t let you move on. She must have a plan with her ex-lover. Ravi says enough. I won’t hear a word against her character, stop this please. Mandip says you will stand against your mom for her? I always stood with you. Nothing was more important than you to me. Ravi says I was a child back then. You should have told me I was wrong. Pratiksha says she’s your mom. Kaviya says this marrige is forced, there is no love. Ravi says I feel guilty. I picked her from her wedding. You’re my mom but you can be wrong as well. Please stand with right. Pratiksha has been transparent with me. She’s always intended good for me. Imagine all that she went through. She’s like your daughter. Mandip says my daughter would never do that. Ravi says we’re no one to question a girl. Consider her your daughter you will know what she has been through. It was all my fault. I made all the mistakes. I can’t change the past but I am trying to fix the present. Ravi says Kaviya please. we all know my marriage with you is invalid. I married Pratiksha first. You are mistaken about her mom. Pratiksha doesn’t even like me and that hurts me a lot. Kaviya leaves.

Kaviya comes to her room and cries.She recalls what Ravi said. Kaviya breaks things in anger. Manvi comes to her. She tries to calm her down. Manvi asks why are you crying? She says Ravi loves Pratiksha. He loves her a lot. It’s all useless. Pratiksha didn’t even say a word. Raavi was speaking on her behalf. Kaviya says he stood against his mom as well. He said Pratiksha doesn’t love him and it hurts him. Nothing will happen. I will lose. Pratiksha won’t go anywhere. We’ve to get rid of this Pratiksha.

Mandip says enough Ravi. She says well done Pratiksha. You created a wall between a mother and son. ravi says don’t blame her. You can blame me. Mandip says you are blinded.

Episode ends

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