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Scene 1
Pratiksha says you can’t accuse me like this. How am I resonsible for this? That’s why I am asking you to not support me and end this. He says saying would end it. What is it do you want? You care for me and then show me that you don’t care about me. i’ve failed to understand. Why did you do all this? Pratiksha says what have I done? He says look at from my mom’s perspective. I fought with her for you and for the right. But she considers worst son and you consider me worst husband. Pratiksha says it’s all happening because you married me and then Kaviya. he says don’t take Kaviya’s name. Talk about us and this relationship. She doesn’t matter for me. Only you matter to me and my mom does. I’ve hurt my mom. She cries because of me. She doesn’t even wanna see my face. I am the worst, he hits the fall. Pratiksha stands between him and the wall. Ravi stops. He caressess Pratiksha’s face. Ravi leaves. Pratiksha goes after him. Kinjal says Kaviya succeeded. Biji syas it’s better. They will let their emotions out.

Ravi thinks about what Pratiksha said that she doesn’t need him. Pratiksha thinks about Ravi. Ravi cries. Ravi thinks about Mandip. Ravi says I am tired. I can’t do this anymore. Pratiksha says eveyrthing is tangled. I feel like saying so much but I am scared you wont’ trust me. Kaviya says I know how to create distance between Ravi and Pratiksha. Pratiksha thinks about Ravi’s medicine. Kinjal comes to Pratiksha. Pratiksha says Kaviya hired Viper. Kinjal says really? Pratiksha says i saw them talking at the hospital. Kinjal says didn’t yyou ask her? Pratiksha says I asked her but she lied. Kinjal says it’s fine we will expose her. Kinjal says we will knnow what she’s hiding. We’ve to get the proof. She didn’t even try to save Ravi. Pratiksha says we’ve to find the proof but how? Pratiksha says we should get her phone and we will get a clue. Kinjal says her phone must have a password.

Scene 2
Adi comes to Ravi. He says are you missing Pratiksha? Ravi says no. Adi syas you stress on her name. Ravi says it’s not liek that. ADi says you love her. You risked your life to save her. Ravi says I care for her. I can’t see her in trouble. I can’t see tears in her eyes. Pratiksha hears it. Ravi says I did all this for Pratiksha. Pratiksha is my wife. She’s our the DIL of this house. If there was anyyone Randhawa DIL I would do the same for her. She came here for her rights not me. Adi says you are so confusing. Ravi says let me be. I have to go somewhere tomorrow? Adi says where? Ravi says I will tell you. Adi says you are so cute. Ravi says go from here. Pratiksha says he pretends with his love and concern. Why am I like this? There’s no love in this relationship. He cares for kaviya. Ravi says she has no respect for my feelings. I dont’ know what to do. Pratiksha says he’d do the same for anyone. I am stupid that I fell in love with him. Thank God I didn’t confess. There’s no love. I dont’ love Ravi.

Episode ends

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