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Scene 1
Ravi asks Kaviya what is this packet? She says are you accuisng me? He says I am finding out the truth. Tell me what happened. I know you hate Pratiksha. She says you’re blaming me for her mistake. She risked our families for her revenge. He says stop lying. Aditi told me you brought this packet. He told her your mom has diabetes so you wanna mix it in food. But your mom doesn’t have diabetes. It wasn’t even in her reports today. What is this packet? Tell me. Look for an answer. It will be too bad for you when I get the answer. I will give it for forensic. You better tell the truth yourself before I find out. Kaviya says I wont’ let Pratiksha comes back here.

Pratiksha smiles. Hansa says is this a joke? Pratiksha says you are so cute. Pratiksha says there is love in your anger. You are my mom. mom used to get mad like this. You took mom’s place. Hansa says don’t make me crying. Hansa says you don’t know how to stand for yourself. Those Randhawas have to pay for what they did you. They were your family. No one stood up for you, not even your husband. He’s such a coward. Chacha comes there. He says the lawyer is trying. The lawyer comes there. He says Pratiksha won’t be able to get the bail. It’s an attempt to murder case. They’re shocked.

Scene 2
Kaviya comes to Manvi. She says mom my mind would blast. Ravi is trying to help Pratiksha and get her back. Manvi says she wont’ come back her. Kaviya says Ravi found the poison packet. Hansa says what would we do now. Pratiksha asks is everyone okay? Hansa says stop caring for her. Why don’t you understand. Ravi says please don’t shout at Pratiksha. Pratiksha is shocked to see him.

Manvi asks how? Kaviya says stop investigating. Ravi is doubting me. He thinks I mixed it in the food. HE’s saying I did all this. Ravi won’t be able to prove it. I am not even worried about Ravi. What is Pratiksha comes back. Manvi says I won’t let Pratiksha come back here. Call everyone in the living room. She says enough Ravi. You have hurt my daughter a lot. Pratiksha asks Ravi is everyone okay? Hansa says stop worrying about them. They insulted you, accused me. Chacha asks them to calm down. Hansa says I won’t. They accused her, they insulted her. They’re all fine them. Kinjal also comes there. Hansa says they kicked out their laxmi. She’s still worried about them.

Scene 3
Manvi calls everyone to the hall. they ask what happened. SHe says my live is tearing. Mandip says what is it? Kaviya says I don’t know. Mandip asks Manvi what is hruting you. She says we’ve been friends for years. We all saw a dream together. I am not anyone’s slave. Gulshan is an important part of your business. She asks what are you trying to say? Manvi says because of our favors Randhawas are living like this. Amar says you’re right. Gulshan has helped me a lot but I pay him for that. More than he deserves.

Hansa says you Ravi what did you guys think? She will be on a road if you kick her out. wE are there for her. Kinjal asks her to calm down. Ravi says let her say it. I know you’re hurt chachi. A mother is hurt when her child is hurt. You can get mad at me. She says you can’t melt me with your words. I will never forgive you. Are you here to laugh on us? Go from here. Inspector says don’t make any noise here. Ravi asks inspectro can I talk to you please? Manvi says my husband isn’t a beggar. You’re not buyingg him with his money. Mandip says what are you saying. Manvi says no one is listening or understanding. Biji says why are you so angry? She says my daughter is in pain. She’s crying every day. My one daughter is dead. KAviya is the DIL of this house. I love her and I can do anything for her. Mandip says this is her house. Manvi says I know. I am staying here because of her only. Biji says we like it that you live here. Manvi says what about my daughter? She’s not getting her rights, her respect in this house. She’s the DIL of this house. She wont’ get it until that Pratiksha is here. Mandip says she’s gone. Manvi says she’s not. Ravi has gone to bring her back. He’s gone to police station. Mandiip says my son can never do that.

Episode ends

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