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Scene 1
Pratiksha comes to help for pooja arrangements. She says no I will handle it. Manvi asks Pratiksha to go and rest. Pratiksha says why would you give me special treatment? Kaviya says you are a guest here. Pratiksha notices her phone is same as Kaviya. Kinjal says guests are like God. Pratiksha collides with Kaviya and picks her phone instead. Kavya says can’t you see? Pratiksha says yeah I can’t, let me rest. Pratiksha tells Kinjal I turned my phone off. Pratiksha tries different passwords.

Mandip comes to the pooja. Kinjal checks her phone it’s off. Kinjal says why didn’t she name Ravi’s name. Pratiksha says what if it’s something.. Kaviya says Pratiksha is planning something. She took my phone. Ravi and Adi see Kaviya going in anger. Ravi sees Mandip. He says mom. . She says go from here. Ravi goes after her. Kinjal asks Pratiksha what are you thinking? Pratiksha says she must have named Kaviya and Ravi. Pratiksha tries it, the phone unlocks. Pratiksha notes down Viper’s number. Kaviya says what if they get any proofs from my phone. Pratiksha plays the recording. Mandip says I won’t forgive you. Ravi says I just said it to protect a girl. If anyone says that about any girl I would stand uup for her. Please forgive me. I couldn’t sleep. Mandip says I am forgiving you for the last time. If you take her side I will be worst. He says you’re never worse. ravi hugs her. She says come help me in the kitchen.

Kaviya comes to Pratiksha’s room. Kinjal and Pratiksha are sleeping. Kaviya says what’s going on here? She saysv we are resting, you asked us to. Kaviya sees the phone on charging. she says thank God. She says this is my phone. You got my phone. She returns Pratiksha’s phone. Kinjal and Pratiksha heard Kaivya coming and they pretended to be asleep. Pratiksha says we will expose Kaivya. Ravi helps Mandip in the kitchen. Ravi says I help my mom. Pratiksha comes there. She says I came to make prasad. Manvi says we don’t need it from you. Doolly says you dont’ know how our prasad is made. Mandip says you middle class people won’t know our rituals. Our prasad comes from 5star. Our taste is totally different. Rav says let’s all go out. Pratiksha says if you all think I am interested, I am not. You people don’t deserve anything. I don’t like insulting people like you all. Kaviya says how did she talk to everyone. Ravi says let me see to it. Mandip says he will learn how to treat that Pratiksha.

Pratiksha comes to her room. Kinjal asks what happened? Pratiksha says mummy ji said really bad things so I said back. Ravi didnt’ save me. ravi comes there. He says I need to talk. Pratiksha says I don’t need to talk to you. He says I wont, it’s my right.

Episode ends

Precap-Ravi gives Pratiksha a rose. Kaviya asks Ravi you trust Pratiksha? He says I shouldn’t even talk to you after all yyou did. Only Pratiksha has right on me.

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