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Scene 1
Pratiksha says I don’t wanna talk you. Ravi holds her hand and says I need to talk. Pratiksha says go to people who listen to you. He says i don’t like your attitude. Kinjal says I am also here. Ravi says your sister doesn’t know how to talk. Pratiksha says talk to me. He says you didn’t want to talk to me. Kinjal says act like adults. He leaves. Ravi says I said sorry to mom. Pratiksha says good. He says she asked me to not support you anymore. Now you should say sorry to me. She says wow why should I. Pratiksha leaves. Kaviya invites her friends for pooja. She sees her call log open. Kaviya says did Pratiksha see anything in my phone? Amar comes home. Biji says go get ready for the pooja. Mandip gives the pooja stuff to pandit ji. Amar says Mandip didn’t sleep all night. Biji says she can’t accept their marriage. Mandip says everything fixed between us. Amar says I will scold him. Mandip says no one will scold my son. Everything is okay between us. Dolly says parents forgive their kids so quickly. Mavni says they are life of their parents. Dolly says like you can’t see what’s wrong or right for Kaviya. Manvi says I know right or wrong. Dolly says doesn’t look like it.

Kaviya is worried. She says what should I do. Dolly says to Manvi I know all that you and Kaviya plan and do. Manvi says what do you mean? Dolly says who came to hospital, what she wanted to do, I know it all. You got scared. Let me go help pandit ji. Kaviya asks Manvi to come to her room. Kaivya says Pratiksha got to know everything. Manvi says so did Dolly. Kaviya says she took my phone and she checked everything. I don’t know what to do. She will expose me. Manvi says calm down. She says she would have told everyone. That means she didn’t kknow anything. Kaviya says she will tell everyone after the pooja. Mavni says we’ve to do something before the pooja then. Dolly comes and says the pooja has started, let’s go. Kaviya is worried.

Scene 2
The pooja starts. Mandip asks pandit ji to pray for his son. Pratiksha comes there. Dolly says to Ravi do you want Pratiksha to apologize to Mandip? Ravi says let pooja end. Mandip says she will have to apologize to me in front of everyone. Chachi comes there. kinjal and Pratiksha hug her. Amar and Biji welcome them. Pandit ji asks everyone to sit down. He starts the pooja and says Ravi’s wife should come sit next to him. Both Pratiksha and Kaviya stand up. Kaviya gets a text from Viper. he texted I am in your room. I am here to take my money, come here or I will come downstairs. Kaviya is shocked. Pratiksha sits with Ravi. Kaviya sits down. Everyone wonders how did she give up. Kinjal says I saved my number in her phone as viper and texted her. She got scared.. Kaviya says I am not well. I am going to my room. She leaves. Ravi and Pratiksha do the pooja. Mandip is worried abour prasad.

Strong storm blares. Mandip says how did the weather change. Mandip says let me get the prasad. Kaviya comes back. She says to Manvi Kinjal did it. She calls Viper, Kinjal’s phone rings. kaviya says she is trying to play with me.

Episode ends

Precap-Ravi ands Pratiksha to cook for the pooja. She says challenge accepted. Kaviya says see what I do what the food she’s making.

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