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Scene 1
Kaviya comes to he room. She says where is Viper? She calls on the number. Kinjal doesn’t pick. Manvi comes there. Kaviya says Viper said he came here. Manvi says he would come here siletntly. Kaviya says I am sure Pratiksha is doing this. They got to know eveyrthing. Mandip calls the hotel manager. She says we gave the order, when will prasad and lunch comes? He says please listen madam.. She says don’t tell me these stories. He says we can’t come. She says don’t cancel my order. We have guests here. Take time but deliver it. He says we emailed you, your phone was off. Our kitchen got burned, sorry we couldn’t prepare your order. Mandip is worried.

Kaviya comes back. She looks at Kinjal smiling. kaviya calls on that number, Kinjal’s phone ring. She turns it off. Kaviya looks at her in anger. Ravi says put it on silent. Kavya says she saved her number as Viper. Manvi says why? She says to make Pratiksha sit with Ravi. They think I am a loser. Manvi says they can’t defeat us. Before they tell anyone we have to execute our plan. Pandit ji asks Mandip for prasad. She’s worried. She asks Amar to come with her. Pratiksha and Ravi also come there. Mandip says there is a huge problem. the hotel cancelled ouor order. Amar says why? She says their kitchen got burned. She says so many guests are here I don’t know how will we prepare it. Amar says the’s no time now we’ve to prepare it home. Mandip says how? We don’t even have enough vegetables. Manvi says she can make it. Pratiksha comes there. She says she sat in the pooja like DIL so she can cook. She says can you save respect of this house? Pratiksha says I know how to cook and save respects. She goes to make prasad. Kaviya asks Manvi what was that? Manvi says we will get her insulted this way.

Scene 2
Kinjal says why would you cook? Pratiksha says I’ve to save this family’s respect. Pratiksha starts cooking. Mandip asks pandit ji to continue pooja. prsad will be ready. Kinjal says let me help you. Pratiksha says it’s okay I will make it. She says I wanna help you. Pratikshav you know I like handling kitchen alone. If anyone comes in my speed disrupts. Kinjal leaves. Pratiksha cooks. Pratiksha thinks what to make inn lunch. She says no vegetable would suffice. She prepares the halwa. Pratiksha starts chopping vegetables.

Pandit ji asks where is prasad? Pratiksha says here it is. He says you brought it on the right time. They start the havan. Kaviya says I wont’ let her make lunch. Pratiksha does arti with Ravi. Pratiksha gives arti to Ravi. dolly serves the prasad. Everyone appreciates the prasad. Mandip says it’s Pratiksha’s recipe. Everyone appreciates her. Chachi says her mom used to cook same food. Adi asks Ravi how do you feel? Everyone is appreciating Pratiksha. He says i like it. Pratiksha thinks about lunch. Chachi asks Pratiksha how will you cook food? She says I will do something.

Scene 3
Pratiksha goes to kitchen. ravi comes in and says thanks for today. Prasad was very good. He says make something good please. Kaviya looks at them in anger.

Episode ends

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