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Scene 1
Pratiksha starts cooking lunch. Ravi comes there. she asks what happened? Wanna make fun of me? He says you are so overconfident. Make something that can make everyone love the food. she says do you wanna challenge me? Challenge accepted. Go from here. I can’t cook when someone is in the kitchen. he says I can help yyou. She says I work alone. Ravi says thank you for today. Biji says Dolly gave me such small prasad. Amar says it’s not food. She says I want it more. Amar says it’s over. Kaviya says to Manvi everyone loved the food. Mavni says she will get herself insulted with the food. Ravi says don’t fly after my appreciation. Pratiksha says so many people appreciated me. He says so my smile doesn’t matter? Pratiksha says no it doesn’t. Ravi says i know it does. I love it that you care about my opinion, thank you. Kaviya hears this. she’s angry. Kaviya thinks about it. She breaks a vase in anger. Kaviya says I don’t know what to do. She cuts her hand. Her hand bleeds. Manvi comes there. She asks what happened? Kaviya says can’t you see my heart is hurting? I can’t even feel this pain. My heart is in way more pain. No one can understand. Manvi says please don’t cry. She takes her to get first aid.

Chachi says Pratiksha will cook such good food everyone will love it. Everyone says it smells so good. Pratiksha comes with food. She serves it. Dadi says what is this? This is Gujrati food not Punjabi. People taste it and say it’s so good. Everyone loves it. Chachi says she cooks such good food. Biji tastes it and says so nice. Kaviya goes to her room in aanger. She says I’ve to do something. I can’t relax. Everyone is appreciating her. She shouts at Manvi and says why did you ask her to cook? Manvi says I thought she will get insulted. Kaviya says everyone loves her food now. Everyone is appreciating her. Your plans always fail. She became winner and I became loser. Manvi says listen. Kaivya says you did what you had to. Manvi says we will think of another solution. Kaviya says what’s left to do. She says Ravi was also thanking her. Kaviya says leave me alone please. I will handle it. I will do something myself now. Manvi says what will you do? Kaviya says I won’t tell you what I am doing. Who knows if you’re on their side. What if you go and tell them all this. Everyone will see my action now. Kaviya says this lower class girl I will not let her live. I am the DIL of this house. look at her smiling, I will smash her smile forever.

Episode ends

Precap: Pratiksha says food is ready go ahead. Kavya asks her mother not to eat and says there is poison in this. Everyone falls sick after eating food.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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