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Scene 1
Kaviya says I’ve to do something big with this Pratiksha. I will make Ravi fall in love with me. He has to hate Pratiksha. Ravi comes to Pratiksha and says help? She says I can’t help you right now. He says I am offering help. She says puut flowers on the table. Ravi starts decorating the flowers with rose. He gives Pratiksha rose. She says are you giving me a rose? Ravi syas no I wan putting in on the table. I was offering help because it’s my house as well. Pratiksha and Kinjal serve the food. Kaviya looks at them. Kaviya got black poison from the driver. Kaviya adds rat poison to the food. The maid sees her, she says Pratiksha ordered this for sweet dishes. Pratiksha and Kinjal come towards kitchen. Pratiksha is shocked to see Kaviya. Pratiksha pretends to fall. Pratiksha says aare yyou okay? She says I am fine, I don’t need your help. Today was a bad day. I had a bad mood too but now my mood will be fixed. Kaviya leaves. Kaviya says everyone will hate her today. Pratiksha says to Kinjal she was talking weird. She’s planning something.

Kaviya cleans her clothes. She says I will remove yyou from my life like this Pratiksha. Guests will eat the food and you will get blamed for poisoning them. You and your sister will get kicked out of this house. Food ges served. Kaviya sees Manvi there. She sees Manvi eating the sweetdish. Kaviya thinks to stop her but doens’t. Kinjal gives Biji food as well. Mandip and Amar take the food as well. Kinjal and chachi also eat the food.. Kaviya waits for something to happen. Adi says to Ravi let’s go eat. He says I will eat with Pratiksha later. Kaviya comes to Manvi. She says don’t eat too much. She says the kheer is so good, let me eat it. Kaviya says it has poison. Manvi says what? She says relax no one would die. I also ate a bit. Why did you let me eat? How can you risk my life? Kaviya says it’s not a lot. Relax. Yyou won’t die. Biji is about to eat it. Manvi stops her. Biji says Manvi let me eat. Manvi says you will get unwell. Don’t eat this. She takes her food. She sees Mandiip and Amar also eating it. Kaviya says relax mom.

People start coughing around. Manvi calls an ambulance. she takes Kaviya with her and says are you out of yyour mind? People ate poison. You let me eat it as well. I can’t believe how can you do that. You let your mom eat it as well. What kind of daughter are you. Kavkiya says you asked Mandip to ask Pratiksha to cook. You did all this. You are responsible for all this. Don’t blame me. You deserve this poison. You deserve this pain for giving me pain. Don’t worry, you won’t die. Manvi slaps her.

Episode ends

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