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Scene 1
Manvi slaps kaviya and says you stooped so low. Kaviya says I taught you a lesson, I took revenge only. You betrayed me. Mavni says you will take revenge? For what? Because I said Pratiksha should cookk? I am your mom, why would I betray you. I gave birth to you. How can I betray you. I did everything for you, right and wrong. And you.. Kavya says I didn’t ask you to do anything for me. And what have you even done? You have done nothing for me. Did I get my Ravi? Did I get rid of Pratiksha? Why did you teach me wrong. Whatever I am, it’s because of you. Manvi says you’re right. But how can I forget, I am your mom. Kaviya says stop this drama. Manvi says I never taught you to take a life. You gave your mom poison. Everyone else, you risked their lives as well. People are falling sick. If anyone.. Kaviya says nothing will happen. You will praise me when my plan works. No one will die.

Police comes downstairs. Ambulances take people to hospital. Pratiksha is scared. Chachi says what did happen. Pratiksha says I dont’ know what happened. Mandip says I don’t know this happened. Kaviya says if you care for people take them to hospital. Go and do drama there. Tell them that Pratiksha did all this. This is our time to take revenge from Pratiksha. She has to get out of our lives. Go and create a big drama. Go and do what I say. Kinjal says how did they get so sick. Manvi says you did all this Pratiksha. Pratiksha says what do you mean? Chachi says she didn’t do anything. Manvi says you don’t interfere. Pratiksha added something to the food. Chachi says what poison? Manvi says yes I am sure she added something. Chachi says are you out of your mind? She adds love to food. People like you add poison. I won’t hear such accuses against her. Mavni says how else did this happen? Chachi says don’t even accuse her Amar says calm down please. Manvi says she did all this for revege. Chachi says you see the world how you are. She asks Pratiksha why did you do all this? Mandip gave you this responsbility. Hansa says who are you? Mandip is my daughter’s MIL. Who are you? Manvi says Mandip is my daugther’s DIL. She has no shame. Hansa says where is your shame? You have kept your daughter here by force a Ravi’s third woman. Pratiksha asks Hansa to calm down. Hansa says she can’t accuse us. Manvi says she risked everyone’s lives.

Ravi comes in. Kaviya says she gave everyone poison to disrespect us. Ravi says what are you saying. Kaviya says yes it happened after they ate the food she made. She added poison to it. Chachi says you both mom and daughter are the same. Kaviya says see her audacity. She won our trust with prasad so she can do this. Ravi says do you even know what you’re saying. She says I am right. Ravib says she did this to our guests. Hansa says enough. She takes Pratiksha inside. Manvi pretneds like her condition is getting bad. Kaviya says well done mom, good acting. She says I am not acting. It’s hurting for real.

Chachi asks Pratiksha inside how did this happen? Pratiksha says don’t you trust me. She says I know you didn’t do anything but someone did this. Someone planned it. Kaviya and her mom were accusing you. They did something. You’ve to do something. Pratiksha says but I didn’t do anything. Kaviya will only create drama. Chachi says they are planning something big. Open your eyes. We have to prepare. Kaviya says we’ve to get the food tested. Ravi says calm down Kaviya. Mandip says Kaviya is right. I feel sick myself. Some guests are critical. We’ve to get the food tested. Pratiksha says yes let’s get it tested. I only used home stuff in food. If the masalas are expired, you will all be responsible as well. It’s not my responsibility. Mandip says why would we keep expired masalas. Kaviya calls the police. She says a lot of people got food poisoning in Randha House. Ravi says are you crazy? Kinjal says what game are you playing. Mandip says she’s playing with lives. Manvi says I feel sick. Kaivya takes her to the room.

Episode ends

Precap-Inspector arrests Pratiksha. Kaviya says this is your exit from this hosue. our doors are closed on you.

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