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Scene 1
Manvi comes to her room. She’s sick. Kaviya says I am sorry you’re in this condition but I had no other option. I had to get rid of that Pratiksha. I had to give my mom poison so everyone believes we have no hand in this. I did what I had to. Everything is fair in love and war. Mavni says what kind of love is this? Look at my condition. You could at least tell me. Kaviya says you would let me do it then? I play with danger. Don’t give me these advices. Do the acting I asked you for. Eat a little more poison, it’d make it more real. Manvi says if anyone even doubts no one can save you. How could you do this, kaviya says your plans always fail. I can’t explain to you. Just have patience you will see how I win. Kaviya says I’ve to go out see Pratiksha’s life being ruined. She deserves this. She took everything from me. I won’t let her take anything anymore. She will lose everything, her respect, love, Ravi. She goes out. Manvi says don’t go. Kaviya says I’ve to see it.

Police comes there. Kaviya welcomes them in. Chachi says to Mandip if Pratiksha gets in trouble you’d all be in trouble. Ravi says it’s our family matter, he asks the police to leave. Kaviya says people are sick. Mom isn’t well. She says all guests are hospitalized. It’s not a family matter. she says this Pratiksha gets mad and does these things. She mixed something in the food. Mandip says she wanted to kill us all. Pratiksha says mummy ji what are you saying. Do you think I can do this? Mandip says you are responsible for all this. Hansa says she didn’t do anything. Dolly says then who did it? Chachi says they’re all together in this. They plot against Pratiksha. Manvi says she mixed something in food. I am so sick myself. Arrest her right now. Hansa says are you out of your mind? Don’t blame her. why would she do it? Kaviya says my mom is so sick. She was given posion. Kinjal says my sister didn’t do anything. Mandip says then how did this happen? She likes to see us suffer. Pratiksha says I didn’t do anything. She says Ravi at least you trust me.

Mandip says my stomach hurts. Kaviya says Pratiksha did all this. Hansa says I won’t let anyone take her. Kinjal says Pratiksha didn’t do anything. Kaviya says you harmed my family. You are risking lives. Pratiksha says don’t accuse me. She says Ravi take mom to hospital. Kaviya says we can take care of our family. Get out of here. Mandip says she did it. She made the food. Inspector says you are under arrest.

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