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Scene 1
Manvi and Mandip are rushed to the hospital. Kaviya says there was something in the food they ate. Ravi is worried. Kaviya cries and hugs Ravi. Ravi says don’t cry. Manvi will be fine. The nurse asks Ravi to fill the form. Dolly asks Amar can Pratiksha do this? Ravi fills the form. Kaviya comes to him. ravi says I don’t want to talk to you. She says why? He says the drama you created, I didn’t like it at all. Leave me alone.

Hansa looks at Pratiksha. Pratiksha says you please don’t get angry. Hansa says open your eyes. Those people don’t care about you. They put you behind the bars. Pratiksha says they are scared for the people. Hansa says they should have stood with you like a family. Ravi thinks about Pratiksha. He recalls his moments with Pratiksha. Kaviya says you’re upset because I got Pratiksha arrested? Mom complained about her. You should be upset on yourself. She harmed guests, my mom and your mom too. She’s insutled us in front of the world. She is playing with lives. She says you’ve disappointed me a lot. she’s risked our lives and you didn’t even say a word. Don’t you love your family? He says who I love, who I care for I don’t need you to tell me. You know me since childhood. I hate stupid things. Kaviya says she tried to kill us.

Ravi says she didn’t do anything. she can never do such a thing, it’s a fact. Hansa says those Randhawas insulted you. Pratiksha says Kaviya did it, not the family. She says I will teach you once I get you out. Pratiksha prays for everyone. Kaviya says you trust her so much? Ravi says yes I do. And she never asked me to trust her. I do it myself. She says you trust her more than me? He says do you even know all she does for me and my family? She risked her life to save me. She stood for my family. Kaviya says she was pretending. She brought police and NGO. Ravi says it was my mistake. I ruined her life and she came to take her right and not take revenge. Kaviya says I can’t believe this. He says I shouldn’t even talk to you after all you did. I should’ve stopped you there. Enough. I will fight for Pratiksha. it’s her right. I will stand up for her. Pratiksha says trust, care. Do you love her? Ravi says I care for her. I value her. Kaviya says don’t you care for me? He says you care for people who need it. You’re so smart, you don’t need it. She says I am your wife. Don’t forget that. He says please talk to me later. Kaviya says you’ve changed a lot. She’s brainwashed you. He says these are facts. Go to your mom. She’s not well. Kaviya says I won’t let my effort go to waste.

Scene 2
Pratiksha thinks about what happened. She recalls Ravi was standing there. Kinjal says to Ravi Pratiksha was never sure about you. But we knew you’re made for her. We always told her you’re very nice. We knew you’d always help her. You’d always be there for her. She needed your help today. Ravi says did she ask you? Pratiksha said when she asks for help she will ask me. She said it in front of you. Did she ask? no right? That’s all. Ravi leaves.

Manvi cries in pain. She says you did all this Kaviya. people do so much for their parents. And you did all this for me. Kaviya says I am sorry i shouldn’t have done this. Manvi says you played with your mom’s life. Don’t you love me? Kaviya says sorry mom. She says your sorry wont’ fix my pain. Kaviya says shut up, I said sorry already. Don’t create melodrana now. Ravi says what kind of girl is she. She didn’t ask for help. Kinjal comes to him. Ravi says inspector said if complaint is taken back she can be out. Ravi says do you think Kaivya will take it back? Mavni says I am in hospital and this is how you’re talking. kaviya says you weren’t listening. I am your daughter. You’ve to ensure that you fix my house. Unite me with my husband. Parents do so much for their kids. What kind of mother are you. You wont’ die. Mind blowing acting though. I know you were having pain but would you do it so real if I didn’t make you eat it? I wont’ let your sacrifice go to waste. Don’t worry you will be fine. Pratiksha will be out of our lives forever.

Kinjal says to Ravi can’t you talk to Kaviya to take her complaint back? Kaivya says don’t even think about it. I will make sure Pratiksha stays in jail forever. Ravi says don’t say such things. Kaviya says don’t you care about your mom? Kinjal says mind your language. Kaviya says Pratiksha did it. Kinjal says my sister can never do such a thing. What if you mixed something in food? It’s my family. Would I give my mom poison? Ravi says it’s a hospital. Shut up. Kinjal says I can break your face. Ravi asks them to calm down. Kinjal says to Ravi please help me. Pratiksha recalls Ravi said just say once you need my support. Pratiksha says everything happened in front of Ravi. But he didn’t do any such thing. I shouldn’t have trusted him.

Episode ends

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