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Scene 1
Mandip says my son would never go against me. He knows my life was at risk because of Pratiksha. He loves and cares for me the most. Manvi says yo will get hurt a lot. She says Ravi always listens to me. He won’t save the person who tried to kill his mom. Manvi says open your eyes. Your son will stand against you. Mandip says he left Pratiksha home after a day of wedding because I asked.

Ravi says to the inspector I want to take this case back. He says you can’t. It’s about many people’s lives. We’ve many proofs and hospital reports. He says this case was from Randhawa family. I am Ravi Randhawa. I want to take it back or do you want money for it. He says mind your language. He says everyone has poison. Ravi says then my lawyer will talk to you. Mandip says my son loves me a lot. Mani says I will pray that your heart doesn’t break like mine. Mandip says I have full faith in my son. Manvi says if your faith breaks, I will pull the land from everyone’s feet this family. Ravi says my lawyer has told me I can take this case back. The truth is that you’ve done no investigation and you took word of mouth I can prove that in the court. You will get questioned instead of Pratiksha. You wll lose your job. He says the court will speak to you. The inspector is worried that he didn’t start the investigation. Ravi says okay then see you in the court. He calls his lawyer.

Manvi says I will become your enemy from your friend. I will fight you all for my daughter. My husband will get you all in jail. Inspector says to Ravi don’t create drama here. Ravi says Randhawa family sent me to get this case back. I am representing my family. People ate food and got sick but it has nothing to do with Pratiksha. Inspector agrees to let Pratiksha out. Ravi says thanks for the right decision. Hansa hugs Ravi. Chacha thanks Ravi. So does Kinjal. Ravi says to Pratiksha you won’t thank me. Hansa says she won’t go to that house. Ravi holds Pratiksha’s hand adn takes her home.

Scene 2
Ravi opens the door and comes in with Pratiksha They come in. Mandip says stop. Ravi says thank you mom for not letting me bring Pratiksha in. Very good. Mandip says see he’s my son. He’s my pride. Ravi won’t do anything that’d hurt me. I know he loves me a lot. He will do what I ask. Ravi says Pratiksha did you hear what my mom said? I cant do anything wrong. So you better not come isnide the house. He says you’re right mom. I won’t do anything wrong. Hansa says do you have any honesty? You’ve made a joke of my daughter’s life. And you Manvi stop forcing your daughter on another marriage. She says this man forced to marry you Pratiksha. He left you alone but you came here. I asked you to come home with me but he brought you here. And now her son is saying you’re wrong so he’s not letting you wrong. Hansa says mind your language. Hansa says why do you trust him Pratiksha? What has he done? Kinjal says why do you do this Ravi? I told you only I trust you but you broke my trust as well. You betrayed again. Hansa says he’s played with Pratiksha’s life. He left her alone and she still came with him. Mandip says then why did she come?. You could stop her. She says my daughter trusts him. Otherwise I would have shattered your fake ego and pride. Mandip says and you think we won’t do anything? We’re 10 steps ahead of you. Hansa says I can tell your whole family your place. Manvi shouts. Hansa says shut up. She asks Mandip to shut up. She says I’ve never seen such fake people. She says you Mandip you’ve such a black heart. You got your son married twice. Shame on you. Mandip gets angry. She’s about to slap her. Pratiksha holds Mandips’ hand.

Episode ends

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