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Scene 1
Adi says to Ravi I am so proud of you the way you stood up for Pratiksha. She says the family didn’t like it. Adi says they will agree. You stood with the right. Ravi hits him. Adi says you should hug me. He says call her bhabhi not Pratiksha. Adi hugs him. Ravi says you’re so annoying. He says you’re the best brother. Ravi says better call her bhabhi from now. Adi says yes but you’ve to answer me first. After that I will also stop annoying you as well. Ravi says that can never change. Adi asks do you love Pratiksha? Kaviya comes there. Ravi says I like her, I don’t know about love. Adi says accept that you love her. Ravi says I like her, love can happen itself. Adi says so there are chances. Ravi says you never know about tomorrow. Adi hugs him and says I am so happy. Kaviya listens this and gets angry. She says how dare you Adi. Brainwashing Ravi into loving Pratiksha? You did so wrong. I will destroy anyone who takes Prastiksha’s side.

Prastiksha comes to hr room. She thinks about what Ravi did and smiles. Prastiksha looks in the mirror and caresses her mangalsutra. Kaviya recalls how Ravi brought her back in. She gets angry. Mandip comes to Kaviya. Kaviya says Ravi has ruined my life. he’s given all my rights to that Prastiksha in 2 minutes. I lost everything. He didn’t let me die either. Mandip says that Prastiksha took my son from me as well. We don’t see this drama. We will get Ravi back from her. I can’t see you like this. I will ddo whatever I have to get you your right. You’ve to fight back. I am with you.

Ravi asks Prastiksha do you like this sindur and mangalsutra. She says I’ve to take shower. Prastiksha goes, she smiles. Ravi says why does she look so cute. Mandip asks Manvi are you okay? She says nothing is wrong. I can cross any limit. I can send that Prastiksha to jail. Mandip says she added poison to food but we have no proof. Manvi says I sentb Kaviya here because I thought you have authority in this hosue. But Prastiksha has authority in this house. We should all listen to her. Kavuya says don’t talk to mandip like that. She’s with us. Manvi says if she was with us we won’t be in this condition. Kaviya says we’re all in the same condition. We will do whatever we have to show that Prastiksha her real place. Madnip says we will do whatever it takes. Kaivya says weill cross any limit to ruin her life. We will fight. Right mandip? Mandip says yes, we will fight.

Prastiksha comes out of shower. She collides with Ravi and falls on the bed. Ravi crasses her face. Prastiksha’s mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. He says relax, now take it out. Mandip recalls what Ravi said. She recalls what Biji said. Mandip falls. Pratiksha holds her. Mandip says don’t even touch me. Pratikshs asks are you okay? Mandip says what right are you asking it from? Who are you? Pratiksha says you know who I am. It’s my duty to take care of you. Please let me take you to your room. Mandip says don’t try to be my boss. Pratiksha says I am requesting you, please rest. Mandip says you added poison in the food hence you’re scared. Confess it. Pratika says okay fine, but please go to your room and rest. Mandip comes to Amar and says I can’t tolerate all this. Pratiksha is ordering me around. She tells me what to do. Amar says she was asking you to rest. Mandip says she can’t order me around like that. Amar says she’s a nice girl. Mandip says she confessed herself she added poison to the food. That’s the truth. Amar says she didn’t do anything like that.

Ravi collides with Adi. Adi says you look so lost. Ravi says I don’t what’s wrong with my mind. I keep seeing Prastiksha everywhere. Adi says what do you mean. He says Prastiksha isnt’ what she is. Adi says what has she done? Adi says I don’t know what to say. I feel like she’s cute suddenly. Adi says you’re in love. I can’t even fight with her anymore. Adi says you’re in love. He dances. Ravi says what? Ravi thinks about Prastiksha and smiles.

Episode ends

Precap-Ravi asks Prastiksha do you consider me your life partner? Kaviya screams downstairs thief. She hugs ravi and says I am so scared. Pratiksha says don’t come between me and Ravi. Kaviya says Ravi is mine only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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