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Scene 1
Dua tells Haider to give the house to her if he feels a little shame for being disloyal to her, are you okay destroying my life? Give this house to me. Gulnaz asks Haider to think about her kids, don’t listen to Dua. Hina says she is right, Dua is misusing your helplessness. Gazal tells Haider to not give her the last thing, we will be on the road then. They all try to convince him but he shouts to stop it, I don’t need anyone’s suggestions. I think its Dua’s charity that we got this house so she should get it. Hina says you have lost your mind, this is my house. Haider says no, this house can speak that Dua created it, remember the time that we were in debt and couldn’t even pay our workers, we couldn’t even pay bills. Remember that time and Dua took my hand and gave me strength, she gave 20K to start my business and pay the bills. You can be miffed with Dua but don’t forget about her favors on us. Dua has a right and I have decided to give this house to Dua. All look on. Hina says what about Gazal, she has rights too. Haider says no one has any right. This house and business was built by dada but then it was destroyed and I rebuilt it with Dua’s support so she has the most right on this house. Its my choice what I do with this house. He tells Dua that you have got the business and house both now. I am happy to at least repay some of your debt. He asks her to get the papers and he will sign. Hamida says papers are ready and you just need to sign. All are shocked. Hafeez brings the papers and Haider is about to sign it. Hina says this will be a mistake. Haider says you have already lost the right to give me orders. He signs the papers ans gives it to Dua. He says I did my biggest mistake by cheating on you, you can even ask for my life, I think you have asked a very low price, you should have at least thought what your worth is but you wanted this so here. He gives the papers to her and is hurt. He starts leaving and Dua weeps silently. Hamida hugs her as she cries. Hina angrily leaves. Hamida tells Dua that she saved the house. Dua says but I lost my family. Dua tries to talk to Gulnaz but she says be happy by snatching by kids’ rights, she leaves. Dua cries and says everyone hates me. Dadi hugs her and says everything will be okay. Hamida says your intentions are not wrong. Dua says I am fighting for people that I already have lost. Hamida says we women have to be strong and take some strict actions to bring them on the right path, you have to be strong for your family. You have to save this family from Gazal and expose her, you have to keep fighting till she is thrown out of the house. Dua recalls Gazal challenging to break the family apart. She says I will fight for Haider and my family till Gazal is gone from our lives. Hamida hugs her proudly.

The episode ends.

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