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Scene 1
Haider is getting ready for the office and ignores Dua. She asks if he is still angry with her? Haider says I don’t want to talk to you, we can’t mend the hearts once broken. I had to tell the family that this is my house and they have no right, I had to tell them that they don’t own anything. You shouldn’t have done that. Dua says I saved this house from Gazal, I didn’t do anything. Haider says I had already torn Gazal’s papers but you did the same as Gazal. Dua says I did it to save this house. Haider says you are not the same Dua I knew. He says my heart is weeping today, you took the house but broke our relationship. This demand will burn down everything we built together, he leaves from there. Dua cries and says I was helpless, I had to do it.

Gulnaz comes to Haider and says I want to talk to you. I am your half mother and I am begging you to not snatch my kids’ rights. Haider says I understand what happened was not right. Gulnaz says where will my kids go? Please don’t give the house to Dua, the registry is still remaining. Ravi comes there and says the registry is done. Gulnaz cries and says so much injustice is happening with my kids. She shouts at Haider that God will snatch all happiness from you. Dua comes there and tries to console her but Gulnaz pushes her away, she says I did so much for you but you took away my kids’ rights. Dua says you are mistaken. Gulnaz shouts that you are worse than Gazal, you are a liar. Hamida asks her to shut up. Gulnaz says God won’t forgive you people for this injustice. Dua cries seeing her. Gulnaz pushes her away and says don’t you dare talk to me. Gazal smirks and thinks I should take advantage of this. She tries to console her but Gulnaz shouts at her that you are a dayan, don’t you come near me. She pushes her away, Hina says be careful. Gulnaz says you were part of all this, you wanted Gazal to get the house and then Dua took advantage of it. You should be ashamed of snatching my kids’ rights. Hina tells Dua that I loved Ruhaan and Noor

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