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Scene 1
Dua recalls all family members blaming Dua for being greedy and Haider saying that she destroyed everything. Hamida comes to her and says you did this to save this family, God knows your intentions and everything will be okay. Dua says I broke everyone’s hearts, Haider said that my decision will destroy this family. I won’t let it happen, I will go to the lawyer and give the house to Ruhaan, Noor, Kaynaat and Haider. Hamida says Gazal will snatch it from you then, and you didn’t do anything wrong, this is a very small price for what Haider did with you. Dua says enough, I won’t hear a word against my husband. Hamida says Haider did wrong with you, he destroyed your trust, he doesn’t deserve your love and you are taking his side? Dua says can’t you see his repentence? he sleeps on the floor every night, he did a crime but he gave everything to me in return, he is paying for his mistake. Hamida says will that make things right again? will you be able to accept his other wife? you will have to burn for life like Hina and Gulnaz. Dua says no, I will get my Haider back but I want my family back first, I will give the house to the kids. I thank you for your suggestions but this is my family matter and I will solve it myself. Hamida is hurt and says I came here to give you strength but you can fight on your own, I trust you and if you ever need me then just call me. I don’t have to stay here anymore, I should leave. She sadly leaves. Gazal hears all that and thinks if Dua gives the house to the family then my game won’t work, I have to stop her.

Gazal comes to Hina and says everything went against us, we thought to throw Dua out of the house but now she can throw us out. Hina asks her to calm down. Gazal says what can we do? Hina says we should dance on Dua’s winning. Gazal asks what’s wrong with her? Hina says can’t you see what I am seeing? Gazal says we lost to Dua. Hina says for the first time Haider was hurt by Dua, he is seriously hurt by her. I will use his anger against Dua. Gazal thinks at least she is with me.

Gulnaz is sitting with Ruhaan, he says we have nothing left. I think Haider and Dua both plotted this together. I am sure that they will throw us out soon. Gulnaz says nobody can throw us out, Haider and Dua will burn in this fire. I won’t spare Dua now.

Dua comes to Hamida and gives her food as she is leaving. Hamida hugs her and says I can come back anytime you want. I should leave now. She says I am taking the donkey with me as I don’t trust Gazal. She goes from there.

Hafeez is leaving with Hamida, Kaynaat hugs him and says are you leaving me? He says no, I will come back after dropping off Ammi. She says I got scared. He hugs her but Hamida comes there and asks him to sit in the car. She glares at Kaynaat and sits in the car. They both drive away.

Gazal recalls how all family members went against Dua. She says I will make Hina hate Dua so much that she might end up killing her. I don’t care who kills her but soon it will happen.

Dua meets with Ravi and says I need your help. She goes with him. Gazal sees that and says I won’t let her rectify her mistake, I will drop a bomb soon. She starts crying.

Gazal throws kerosene on herself and cries loudly. Haider comes there and asks if she is going crazy? Gazal says I have no right on this house. Ruhaan comes there and stops her. Gazal says I will kill myself, I have no respect left. Haider and Ruhaan are worried for her.

The episode ends.

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