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Scene 1
Gazal throws kerosene on herself and says I want to kill myself. All come there and try to stop her. Hina says what are you doing? Gazal says I don’t want to live anymore, she lights up matchstick. Hina says what are you doing? Gazal thinks someone has to save me. Haider brings water there and throws at her. Gazal shouts to let me die. He says this is a sin to die. Gazal says living like this is a sin too, I have no happiness and just keep insulted. I didn’t get my husband’s love, I have no mean of happiness. Haider says you are right, I have caged you so I will free you from this jail. If you are not happy then I will divorce you. All are shocked.

Dua and Ravi come to the lawyer, she asks him to change the property papers and give it to Kaynaat, Noor, Ruhaan and Haider. She tells Ravi that I didn’t know that making this house in my name would break my family apart, I don’t care if I don’t have the house as I have Haider. He tries to stop her but she signs the papers.

Gazal cries and tells Haider that don’t do this with her. Haider says I couldn’t give you anything. 3 lives were destroyed when I married you so its better if I just divorce you. Gazal falls down and begs him to not divorce her. Haider says the whole family is breaking apart because of this marriage so lets just divorce. Hina says when Dua asked for her rights then you gave her everything but when your other wife asked for her rights then you want to divorce her? if you divorce her then you will see my dead face. He is shocked. Hina says I promise on God that if you try to divorce Gazal then I will kill myself and write a will to not show my face to you. I don’t know where that Dua is after burning my family, she will be punished for sure. All family members leave from there. Ruhaan is glaring at Gazal.

Scene 2
Ruhaan comes to Gazal and grabs her, he shouts why did she beg him to not divorce her? Gazal shouts if Haider divorced her when who would give her support? you couldn’t support me. Ruhaan asks why? I love you. Gazal says shut up about it, you couldn’t even do anything for your mother, she begged Haider but he couldn’t do anything. Dua snatched your mother’s rights but you were silent. You couldn’t even support your mother so how can you promise to support me? you couldn’t even honor your mother.. if Dua had done that with my mother then I would have killed her. Ruhaan gets angry and says you are right.. Dua has to pay for her crimes, I will kill her. He leaves from there. Gazal smirks and takes off her back belt, she says its time for my happiness as Dua is going to die. She dreams about Haider and dances around. Hina comes there and is shocked. Gazal says my back is not paining anymore, I was exercising. She says my heart is still weeping. Hina says I brought milk for you, Gazal throws it away and says I don’t want to. You call yourself my mother but you couldn’t do anything for me. Hina says just me one chance. Gazal says you can’t do anything for me, I have no one in this world, if I had my real mother then she would fight for me but you snatched her from me and can’t even fight. She throws her out of the room. Gazal smirks and says everyone is on my side now.

Dua signs the property papers. She sees the news of Radha getting jailed (from another show) and says I have to save her. He says I will go with you.

The episode ends.

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