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Scene 1
Hina recalls Gazal’s words that she snatched her mother and can’t even fight for her like a mother she claims to be. Hina says she is right, I did a sin and I couldn’t even be her mother, I have to stop injustice happening with Gazal, I won’t spare that Dua. Gazal hears all that and says its time to see who punishes Dua first.

Ruhaan is punching the bag in anger and recalls Dua getting everything. He says I couldn’t do anything for my love, once I find my gun then I will kill Dua for my love. Gazal hides and hears that, she says my two soldiers are ready to kill Dua.

Dua and Ravi come back home. Dua thanks him for helping her as a brother, she asks him to take care and he leaves. Dua says I had another brother who loved me dearly. She recalls how Ruhaan would take care of her always. She turns to see Ruhaan standing there, he says you are a snake and I won’t spare you. He shows her Haider and her photo, he burns it. Dua stops him and says what are you doing? Ruhaan says you started this fire, you think you can stop me by hiding the gun but I won’t spare you. Dua says what are you upto? Ruhaan says you will pay for your sins, he leaves. Dua goes to the garden and sees the gun is still buried. She says what if Ruhaan finds another gun? Ruhaan hides and sees her in the garden. Dua goes from there. Ruhaan says she showed me the path herself.

Dua comes back home and Hina stops her, Dua says I need to talk to Ruhaan but Hina says why are you poisoning Gazal’s life? Dua says you are blinded by her but I don’t want to talk to you. Hina says you are shameless but I won’t let you leave, why can’t you let Haider and Gazal be happy together? Dua says enough.. their relationship is based on lies and compromises, Haider married her to pay for your sins and he is dying everyday because of you, I pray that no one gets a mother like you. Haider doesn’t love Gazal so why you keep forcing him? Hina says Gazal is a good girl for him. Dua says that girl is a poison on this family, you can’t hear the truth. All family members come there, Dadi asks Hina what drama is she doing now? Hina says Dua is a snake and I won’t spare her today. Dua asks her to shut up otherwise she won’t be able to stop herself. Dadi asks Dua to not fight with her. Dua says I can’t be silent anymore, I have to cross my boundaries with her. Hina says you crossed all boundaries already, this is what your mother taught. Dua says I am still behaving with you. Hina says I will decide who will remain today.

Ruhaan digs in the garden and finds the gun, he smirks and says its time to kill Dua.

Dua shouts at Hina that you are shameless, you have no honor. Hina says you are shameless, Gazal is my daughter in law and not you. Gazal sees all that and calls Haider. Haider gets a call from Gazal. She says Dua is misbehaving with Hina so come back home fast. He says small fights happen all the time. Gazal says its not a small fight, Dua is very angry and she might cross a line so come back and stop her. I am scared that she might hurt her. Haider says Dua would never cross the line. He ends the call. Gazal smirks and says soon things will change and Dua will cross a line. She sees Ruhaan coming inside with a gun. He hides and points a gun at Dua. He is about to shoot her. Dua shouts at Hina that Haider would never accept Gazal till I am alive, you might force him to accept Gazal only if I die. Ruhaan hears that and puts his gun down, he thinks she is right, if I kill her then the wall between Haider and Gazal will be broken, Gazal might love me but I don’t trust her, she has a special place for Haider and he can give her everything. They are already married and if Dua dies then Hina would force Haider and Gazal to unite, he leaves from there. Gazal is angry. Hina tells Dua that if Haider and Gazal can’t become one because of you then you have to die, Dua is shocked. Hina grabs her and shouts you have to die. She pushes her and Dua falls down. All are shocked.

The episode ends.strong>

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