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Scene 1
Dua tells Gazal that Haider will divorce you in a month. She starts leaving from there, Haider sadly looks at her and recalls their moments together. Haider calls out her name but she has already left.

Dua comes out of the police station and says I felt like Haider was callin out to me. Hafeez says he is totally blinded so he would never call out to you. Dua says I am sure he called me.. Hafeez says don’t give yourself pain, lets leave. Gazal sees her leaving and thinks Dua did good by controlling Ruhaan. She sees Ruhaan coming to her but she rushes to Haider and says lets go home.

Dua meets with Ravi and says I had to leave the house. Ravi cries and says I am sorry.. I wish I could do something for you. Dua says you were a real brother but promise me to help and protect Haider.. Ravi says how? he doesn’t even trust us. Dua says please protect him. Hafeez says enough.. he divorced you and you are still worrying about him. Dua says because our love is bigger than anything else.

Gulnaz is waiting for Ruhaan. Ruhaan arrives there and all are elated seeing him except Dadi and Kaynaat. Gulnaz hugs him and curses Dua for sending him to jail. Hina hugs him and says thank God you are back. Rahat says my son is back, I knew Haider wouldn’t let you stay there. My family is back together. Dadi says the person who kept this family united is gone so you people are just blinded. Gulnaz says enough.. Dua was shameless and cruel. Dadi asks her to shut up otherwise she will beat her up.. God will never forgive you all for doing all this with Dua. Gulnaz says Dua got what she deserved. I wish I could kill her. Haider shouts enough.. he asks Gulnaz to not foul her mouth as its a good day. Gazal is surprised. Hina tells her that Haider is hating Dua so you have to go close to him.. once you have his heir then Dua won’t be able to separate you from him. Haider goes to Kaynaat and sees her face swollen.. he asks what happened? tell me. She cries and hugs him.

Ravi asks Dua what kind of love is this? Dua says our love will win over any situation.

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