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Scene 1
Hina shouts at Dua that if Haider and Gazal can’t become one till you are alive then you have to die. She angrily pushes her and Dua falls down the stairs. Dadi screams for her and all are shocked. Dua falls down the stairs and is bleeding heavily. Gazal smirks and thinks Hina did her work. Dadi and others rush to Dua. Dadi cries and asks her to remain awake, she shouts that Hina is a criminal. Hina recalls her lovely moments with Dua and how she pushed her down. Ruhaan thinks I have to hide my gun. Dadi cries and asks Ruhaan to help her but he leaves. Dadi cries and says this is all wrong, she tells Hina and Gazal that they are killers. She asks Hina to do something, at least repent. She asks Gulnaz to do something. Gulnaz is confused and is about to help her but recalls how Dua got the house and doesn’t do anything. She says my kids’ enemy is my enemy, she snatched my kids’ right so don’t expect me to help her. Dadi says you people are heartless, people stop to help an injured dogs but you all are worst than animals. I knew to never trust you Gulnaz. Dua is bleeding but no one comes to help her. Dadi cries and prays for help. She asks Noor to help her but Gulnaz stops her and takes her from there. Dadi says you all will die in pain, God will never forgive you. Dadi tries to pick up Dua but can’t. Dadi says this girl did so much for the family but no one is here to help her. Kaynaat rushes back home and picks up Dua. She cries and asks what happened? She rushes to call the doctor and asks him to come home fast. Gazal smirks seeing all that. Dua loses consciousness and faints. Kaynaat calls Haider and cries.. she says Dua fell the stairs and is bleeding badly, please come home fast. Haider is shocked and rushes in his car. He recalls his moments with Dua. He says I am a criminal but why is Dua getting punished?

The doctor comes to check Dua and tells Dadi that she is not in good condition, how did this happen? Gazal says she slipped from the stairs. The doctor says we have to take her to the hospital fast as her life is in danger. Kaynaat goes to call the ambulance but Gazal thinks I have to stop her. She grabs Kaynaat and drags her from there.

Haider gets stuck in traffic jam. He tries calling home but no one is picking up.

Gazal tells Kaynaat that she will not call the ambulance, Kaynaat says you want Dua to die but I won’t let it happen. Gazal says we don’t need an ambulance, its a small wound, she is just doing drama. Kaynaat slaps her hard and says don’t you dare say a word against her, I will take her to the hospital and you can’t stop me. Gazal says then your mother will go to jail. If you take Dua to the hospital then they will ask you how she got hurt, they will find out that Hina tried to kill her, she will be jailed then. The media will print this news and the whole city will spit on her. Hina will die in jail. Kaynaat gets scared hearing all that. Gazal says can you take your mother’s life for Dua? Kaynaat looks away. Gazal gives her the phone and says its upto you if you want to save Dua or your mother. Kaynaat silently leaves.

Kaynaat comes to the lounge and sees Hina standing there like a stone and Dua bleeding on the other side, she thinks who should I save now?

The episode ends.

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