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Scene 1
Haider is stuck in the traffic jam and worried about Dua. He looks around and starts running towards the house. He recalls his moments with Dua and tries to get a lift but can’t. He bumps into a car and falls down. He hits his head and faints.

The doctor is treating Dua, otherside Gazal is happy and says Dua has to die.. my dream is coming true. Haider will be mine now, Dua has to leave his life.

Haider is unconscious on the side of the road but gets up hearing Dua’s cries. He is dizzy but starts running towards the house. His head is bleeding, he says I have to reach Dua soon.

Dadi is worried about Dua and asks Kaynaat to call an ambulance but she recalls Gazal’s words. Kaynaat says I can’t let Hina be jailed. What should I do? Otherside Gulnaz is in her room and recalls Dadi saying she is an animal. Noor says this is not fair, Dua has always helped us, we should help her. We should at least help her as a human. Gulnaz says Dua doesn’t deserve to live, I did so much for her, I fought with whole family but she snatched our rights, she brought us on the road. She says I am not an animal but I want Hina to be jailed. They all need to pay for their crimes.

Scene 2
The doctor tells Dadi that Dua is recovering, God is with her but we will need to take her to the hospital soon. Kaynaat comes there and thinks thank God she is better. Dadi says we don’t need an ambulance now. Kaynaat goes with the doctor. Dua is unconscious. Dadi prays for her and says you cared for me so much, I will take care of you now, you took care of me like a mother, this family is so cruel. Hina has to pay for her deeds.

Hina is scared in her room and recalls pushing Dua from the stairs.. Gazal comes there and smirks. She says what did you do? what if Dua lives now? Haider won’t spare you if he finds out. Hina is scared. Gazal says just pray that Dua dies as then we can lie to Haider and you can be closer to him. Hina says you are right, if she dies then all our troubles will end. Dadi comes there and shouts at her. She says I will end you today, she slaps her and says you are so cruel, how dare you hurt my Dua? she slaps her again. Hina glares at her. Dadi says aren’t you ashamed of hurting Dua? Hina says she deserved this, why doesn’t she let Gazal come near Haider? she is his wife and has a right to be with Haider. Is your Dua above religion? Dadi says shut up.. you have no right to talk about religion when you tried to kill Dua and now you are teaching me about religion. You are not even a human and talking about religion. It wasn’t Dua that broke someone’s house, this Gazal entered the house and snatched Haider from Dua and you are taking her side.. You are even ready to do sins and praying for her death now? you have lost all honor and can’t even admit that you did a sin. Gazal thinks I can’t let her change Hina’s mind. Hina says I didn’t do any sin, I was being Gazal’s mother, can’t you see my pain and love as Gazal’s mother? I was the reason Gazal lost her mother and couldn’t even protect her as a mother but not anymore.. I won’t let anyone snatch Gazal’s happiness now.

Ruhaan comes to Dua’s room and sees her unconscious. He takes out his gun and is about to shoot her.

The episode ends.

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