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Scene 1
Ruhaan points the gun at Dua but recalls her words that till she is alive, she won’t let Haider and Gazal become united. He says she saved herself today, she is right that I might lose my love if she dies but she has to pay as I will kill Haider and make Gazal mine. Dua is whispering Haider’s name, Ruhaan laughs and leaves. Haider rushes to Dua’s room and hugs her. He says I am sorry, I was late. He cries and says I wouldn’t be able to live if anything happens to you. Ruhaan hides and thinks he can kill him now. Haider turns to see Ruhaan there. Dua is holding Haider’s hand in her state. Haider says how did this happen with her? Ruhaan points the gun at him and shoots.. it all turns out to be Dua’s dream and she wakes up.

Dadi tells Hina that Dua might forgive you but Haider will never forgive you for this and what about your husband when he finds out you tried to kill Dua? She goes from there.

Dadi and Kaynaat rush to Dua. Dadi is happy to see her awake and says thank God you are awake. Haider rushes there and hugs her tightly. He asks what happened? how did you get hurt? Dua says how did you get hurt? He says I am okay and sits with her. Dua says I am okay. Haider hugs her and says you are not okay. He says I was so worried, he makes her lie down and says thank God you are okay. He asks how did she get hurt? Dua recalls Hina pushing her from the stairs. Dadi says we should let her rest for now. Haider nods and starts leaving her. Haider asks Dadi how did she get hurt? Dua cries and thinks I wish I had understood Hina’s emotions then she wouldn’t have done that. Dadi says Dua was.. Dua says I slipped from the stairs and fell down. Haider says you are hiding something, did Gazal do something? Dadi says she is not the only one.. I won’t stop today. He needs to know the truth. Dadi tells Haider that Dua didn’t fall down but your mother cruelly pushed her from the stairs and tried to kill her. She tells him everything. Haider is shocked hearing all that. He recalls how Hina kept being cruel to Dua for Gazal. Dua says it was an accident, it was not her fault. He says Dadi is right that they have crossed all limits, I won’t let them do injustice with Dua anymore. He leaves. Dua cries and says he will become his mother’s enemy, we shouldn’t have done this. Dadi says we can’t hide the truth anymore, he should know what his mother is upto. Dua says he can’t punish her. Dadi says she has to pay for her sins and should be separated from Gazal. Kaynaat is scared hearing that. Dua cries and says it won’t break down Gazal, you don’t understand that Haider’s life is in danger. Dadi is shocked and says what? who can hurt him except Gazal? Dua starts getting dizzy so Kaynaat makes her lie down on the bed.

Gazal tells Hina that Haider is home now, Dua will fill his ears against you. Haider comes there and says you do that, not Dua. Gazal and Hina get worried seeing his head bleeding. He glares at Gazal and says you are a snake, my mother committed a crime in your shadow, you have destroyed my family. He asks her to get lost as he wants to talk to his mother. Gazal thinks she can’t leave Hina with him as she might blurt out something. Haider asks her to get lost but she says I won’t leave Hina, you can’t confront her in this condition, you can’t talk to me like this just because I am an orphan. Haider says enough.. I know what happened with your mother was wrong but you entered the house and destroyed it using this excuse. My mother did a crime against your family so why is Dua paying the price? He asks her to get out. Gazal leaves. Haider sadly looks at Hina and says you can’t look at me today? you were next to God for me but how could you do it.. I couldn’t believe that you tried to hurt Dua. I am ashamed to be your son now. Hina is hurt hearing that.

The episode ends.

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