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Scene 1
Haider tells Hina that I used to love my toys in my childhood and you would protect them for me but Dua is my life.. you hate her but you do love me right then how could you do this with her? How could you try to kill my Dua.. why did you do it? I always respected you.. you did a crime and Gazal’s mother died because of you.. I married Gazal to pay for your crimes and I became disloyal to Dua. I supported you but you couldn’t become Dua’s support.. instead you started supporting Gazal who is my biggest mistake. Hina cries hearing that. Haider says I hated my father for being disloyal to you and never wanted to do it with my wife but I did because of you. I thought you would be there for Dua but you left her alone. You have pushed me so down in Dua’s eyes.. I always wanted Dua to love you but you broke the balance in our family. I wish I could have stopped you, the hands those raised me, today they tried to kill my wife. You were Dua’s best friend right? you were her mother but then how could you try to kill her? Hina cries and says can’t you see that Dua couldn’t become my daughter, she insulted me so much, she was cruel to Gazal and couldn’t let her get her rights. She snatched rights of this house’s kids. She took away our house from us too. Haider says enough.. you are embarrassing me today. I am sorry but I have to say that you have stooped too low in my eyes. You were angry that I gave everything to Dua but she is not greedy, she is just greedy for love. If you asked her then she would have happily given everything to you. I broke Dua’s heart because of you but today you have broken me completely. I am going to leave with Dua.. You all can be happy with this house and wealth. Gazal hides and hears that, she thinks I can’t let it happen.

Dua is in her room and says I can’t let anything happen to Haider.

Ruhaan is in his room and says I will shoot Haider 4 times for taking away my Gazal, marrying her, being cruel to her and for making my mother cry. I will take revenge from Haider. Dua comes there and says I won’t let it happen, you can’t even touch him. Ruhaan says I think you are mentally stable.. you couldn’t even save yourself so how can you save Haider? Dua stumbles in his room and says please come back to senses.. she has made you in an animal. She is just using you for her gain. Ruhaan says stop lying, you can’t save Haider anyway. Dua shouts that I will expose you, I will tell everyone that you want to kill Haider. Ruhaan says then go ahead but I will shoot Haider anyway, he leaves. Dua says he isn’t going to stop, what should I do? I have to take this step to save my husband. She calls the police station. Kaynaat hears that and gets scared.

Hina tells Haider that I knew Dua wanted to break our house and she got succeeded in her plan. Haider says enough, I won’t let anything wrong happen with my wife. Hina says enough.. can’t you see how cruel Dua was with me? she snatched my son from me. You are blinded by her but can’t you see your mother’s pain? You won’t even care if she tries to kill me. Haider says you have no right to talk about others hurting you. You pushed her from the stairs. Hina says it was a small accident and she is okay.. she didn’t die. If she is saved and alive then I am not responsible for anything. Haider says yes, she is alive and if she had died then there would have been two deadbodies in this house, I would have died with her. I couldn’t believe that you would do this but hearing you talk has broken me completely. I am sorry but your hatred will get Dua killed so I have to take her from here. Hina cries and says please don’t do this. Haider says I am doing favor on you as I don’t want you to commit a crime. Hina pleads with him to leave her. Haider says you are my life but you destroyed everything. Hina glares at him and says Dua has blinded you completely. Haider says so much injustice happened with her but she still doesn’t say anything. I will leave with Dua now. Hina says fine but I don’t think Dua will agree to leave this house and wealth for you. Her real face will be revealed when she says no to you. Haider says Dua can leave the world for me so greed is never going to come between us. I am sure she will agree to leave everything in a heartbeat for me. Hina says we will see then. Haider goes from there. Gazal thinks I can’t let Haider leave the house.. just see what I will do now.

The episode ends.

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