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Scene 1
Dua tells Kaynaat that she didn’t call the police on Hina. Kaynaat says don’t lie, I heard you talking to the police and talking about some attack. Hina cries and tells Haider to save her, she says I will die in jail. Gazal says I am with you, she pleads with Dua to not do this with Hina, she is out elder and you should respect her. Dua shouts at her to this drama. The inspector says no one can save Hina, she should be hanged for domestic violence. She can’t be forgiven now as she tried to kill her daughter in law. She says Dua needs to go to court to take the complaint back. Dua says I didn’t complain. The inspector says I know you are scared but we are with you. I came here before also but this time I have an arrest warrant. Hina cries and curses Dua for destroying her life. Haider tries to stop the inspector, Hina runs from there ans locks herself in the room. Haider is trying to stop the police. Dua cries and tells Haider that she didn’t call the police but he ignores her. Dua tries to talk to Kaynaat but she shouts that you are a liar, I was so proud of you but you attacked my mother like this? You have crossed all limits today. You should have at least thought of her condition first, this Kaynaat is dead to you now. I will never forgive you. Noor consoles her. Dua gets dizzy but Hafeez comes there and holds her. He glares at Kaynaat and says your mother tried to kill Dua but you people are protecting her? That woman has low self esteem and has ill intentions. You all should be ashamed, Hina will be punished for this. Dua slaps him and shouts that she is my mother and how dare you talk about punishing her? Hafeez says I have to fight against this injustice, I will get her arrested at any cost. Gazal smirks hearing that. Hafeez says I wont leave that characterless and evil woman. He tries to go to her but Haider grabs him and strangles him. Dua cries and says please Leave him. The police pull Haider away. Hafeez coughs. Dua cries seeing all that.

Hina has locked herself in the room and shouts she won’t go to the jail, I can’t let this happen with me. Gazal smirks and thinks this is payback for killing my mother.

Ruhaan is waiting for Haider to come out of the house and says he kept being cruel to my Gazal and gave everything to his wife. Ravi comes there and says I won’t let you hurt Haider. The flashback shows how Dua called Ravi and asked him to stop Ruhaan. Ruhaan asks if he came to get killed? Ravi says you should be ashamed to call yourself a brother. Ruhaan points gun at him.

Dua tells Haider that I didn’t complain against Hina. Haider says you did what you wanted to, you have already given me so much pain so stop it now. Gazal starts leaving but Haider stops her and says please help me, do something to protect Hina. Gazal says Dont worry, I won’t let anything happen with her. He goes from there. Dua cries and thinks Haider can’t be against me. Gazal smirks seeing her.

the episode ends.

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