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Scene 1
Hina is crying in her room and the police is outside. Gazal tells them that they can’t harrass her like this. The inspector tells her to not interfere between them. Otherside Haider calls the commissioner and says please save my mother. He says we can’t do anything as its a serious offense, the only solution is that Dua takes her complaint back. Haider sees Dua and thinks only she can save her.

Dua tells Hafeez that he shouldn’t have talked like that about Hina. Haider comes there and says I know what happened with you was wrong but I am your criminal so please save my mother, I am begging you for her safety. Dua cries and says please don’t cry, Haider says I will accept any punishment you want but please save my mother. Please take your complaint back. Dua says I didn’t file any complaint.

Ravi tells Ruhaan that he won’t let anything happen with Haider. Ruhaan points the gun at him but Ravi attacks him and the gun falls down. Ruhaan and Ravi start fighting, they beat each other up. Ruhaan beats him up badly.

Haider tells Dua that I don’t know what happened but please save my mother. Dua says I will do as you say, Haider thanks her and goes to the inspector. Dua gets a call and says what? Haider goes to the inspector and asks her to talk to Dua.. she is going to take the complaint back. The inspector goes to Dua and asks if she wants to take her complaint back but Dua is silent.. Gazal is worried that Dua might take her complaint back. Dua says no.. Haider says Dua didn’t file any complaint. Dua says I filed a complaint against Hina and I won’t take it back at any cost. Haider is confused and says what are you saying? Dua says you forced me to say that, your mother tried to kill me and she should be jailed. All are shocked to hear that. Gazal smirks and thinks she wants to be trapped by me. Haider tells Dua that you know Hina has asthma issue, she can’t go to jail. Dua says she will kill me if she doesn’t get jailed, don’t try to save her, she tried to kill me so she has to go to jail. Dadi tells Dua that I know she was wrong but please.. she is a mother so don’t do this. Take your complaint back. Dua says if a mother is like Hina then no one should have a mother. She tried to kill me. Haider asks her to shut up but Dua says don’t try to save her, she needs to be jailed. Haider pleads with her to take the complaint back but she says I won’t. Haider says our love will die, our relationship will end. I was disloyal but I paid for my mistake, I kept trying to pay for my deed. I went against my family and gave you everything, I even asked you to come with me and start a new life.. I have nothing left to give you but this. I just have divorce left to give you, all are shocked. Haider says I am giving divorce to you, divorce to you, divorce to you. He says it three times to finalize it. Dua recalls all their moments together and can’t believe it. Dua falls down and thinks I knew this would happen but I had to save Haider, I rather die then let anything happen with him.

The episode ends.

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