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Scene 1
Haider and Hina get arrested. The police are dragging them away. Haider recalls his moments with Dua and is sad. Dua is broken seeing him go away and thinks I had to do it to save him. Haider and Hina are taken away. Kaynaat cries and says we have to save them. Dua says everything will be okay. Kaynaat shouts at her to stop it, I won’t be fooled by you anymore. She tells Dadi that she will go to the police station with her. Noor says I will go with you. Gazal says I will come with you both, we have to be united to save them. Kaynaat agrees and allows her. Gazal smirks and thinks everyone is on my side now. She goes with Kaynaat and Noor. Dua breakdowns and cries. She says my Haider… what is going on. Dadi says when did you change colors like Gazal? you sent them to jail and now crying. Hafeez says why did you get them arrested? Dua says you can’t understand my helplessness. Dadi says you get them arrested for no reason. Dua says if I didn’t get them arrested then Haider would have been killed. Dadi asks her to shut up. Dua says Ruhaan is behind Haider’s life, he wanted to kill him. All are shocked to hear that. Dadi says what are you saying? Dua says Ruhaan challenged me that if Haider comes out of the house then he will shoot him then I sent Ravi behind him but he couldn’t stop him, he beat him up and he called me to save Haider that’s why I got Hina and Haider arrested to protect them. Dua says I had no other choice, I had to get him arrested to save him, I didn’t know he will divorce me but I will accept that to save him. He will be safe in jail. Gulnaz shouts to stop destroying her son, stop all this. Dua says Gazal has filled Ruhaan’s mind against Haider, Gulnaz says he can’t do that. Dadi says Dua is lying, Ruhaan loves Haider like a brother, he can never kill him.I think you are going mental. Dua says trust me, Ruhaan thinks Haider took away his love and wants to kill him. Dadi says what game are you playing? Gulnaz says don’t say a word against Ruhaan. Dua says Ruhaan is my brother but he has been blinded by Gazal, if he kills Haider then he won’t be saved. Dadi says stop all this drama, I don’t trust you at all, I am doubting your words for the first time. Gulnaz says thank God you have opened your eyes, I don’t know why she wants to frame Ruhaan now. They all turn to see Ruhaan coming there. Gulnaz rushes to him and asks why is dirty? Dua says because he was fighting with Ravi. Gulnaz asks her to shut up. Dua says I will kill him because he wants to hurt Haider, he has been blinded by Gazal. Gulnaz asks her to stay in her limits. Dua says control your son as he has become a criminal, ask him why he has a gun. Gulnaz says what gun? Dua says yes, he tried to attack Haider before as well, I hid his gun before but he found it again. Gulnaz is arguing with him. Dadi tells Ruhaan to tell them the truth, tell them that Dua is lying and you would never hurt Haider, please speak up. Ruhaan glares at Dua and recalls Gazal’s words that he is useless as he couldn’t even stand up for his mother. He thinks I have to stand up for my mother and kill Haider to punish Dua. Dadi says Dua got Haider and Hina arrested. He says what? Dadi hugs him and says yes. Ruhaan thinks I am sure she sent him to jail to save him but I will kill her now. He shouts at Dua and all look on. Ruhaan shouts that you thought you could save Haider by sending him to jail? but who will save you from me? He points a gun at her and says you will die today. All are shocked as he is about to shoot her. Dua says I think its my time to die. Ruhaan is about to shoot her. Gulnaz and Dadi run to stop him. Ruhaan shoots and smirks.

The episode ends.

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