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Scene 1
Ruhaan points a gun at Dua and says you will die today. He is about to shoot her but Ravi comes there and throws a stick at him and the gun falls down before he could shoot Dua. Dadi rushes to Dua and asks if she is okay? Dua thanks Ravi for saving her life. Ruhaan says you can’t be saved again. He runs towards the gun, Hafeez goes for it too. They both fight to get the gun. Gulnaz is screaming to stop it. Ravi and Hafeez are trying to stop Ruhaan. Ruhaan beats them up but Dua takes the gun and hides it. Hafeez beats up Ruhaan while Gulnaz cries for him. Ruhaan starts attacking Hafeez, Ravi grabs him and Hafeez beats him up. Gulnaz pleads with Dua to stop them but they don’t. The three of them keep fighting< Ravi grabs Ruhaan and Gulnaz shouts to leave her son, he is a servant and should stay in his limits. Hafeez takes a stick and hits Ruhaan, he falls down. Hafeez brutally beats him up, Dua tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Gulnaz tries to stop Hafeez but Dadi says Ruhaan has to be stopped, he has gone crazy. The police arrive there and pull Hafeez back. The inspector asks what’s going on? Gulnaz says who called you here? Dua says I called them here. The inspector says we got to know that someone tried to kill you? Gulnaz thinks if Dua frames Ruhaan then he will be jailed, she silently pleads with her. Dua recalls Ruhaan’s threats that he will kill Haider, she thinks I can’t save Ruhaan otherwise he will kill Haider. Dua tells the inspector that I complained about Ruhaan because he has become my enemy and brought an illegal gun in the house, he tried to kill me today. She gives the gun to the inspector and says you will find his fingerprints on it. Dadi thinks I shouldn’t have went against Dua, she did everything for the family. The inspector arrests Ruhaan while Gulnaz cries and pleads with Dua to save him. Dua says he has to go to jail.. he tried to kill me and Haider.. he will destroy his life if he stays out of jail. I am sorry but he has to be locked up. Gulnaz says you are so cruel, he has been blinded by Gazal but we can bring him back. Dua says I tried a lot but he didn’t listen to me, I can’t do anything. Gulnaz shouts that you are a villain, you have sent half of the family behind bars, I pray that you get destroyed, I should kill you. Dua shouts to stop it otherwise you will be in jail too. Gulnaz laughs and says you have brought back the snake Gulnaz back, I will make your life hell now.

Haider is locked in the cell while Hina is locked in another cell. The inspector is torturing her and shouts she thinks she can abuse her daughter in law? women like you are shameless. Haider is hurt seeing all that. The inspector starts beating up Hina and asks her to give her confession. Haider shouts and pleads with them to not hurt his mother, he says you can beat me but please leave my mother. The inspector says women like her should be put in place. She starts beating her more.

Gulnaz tells Dua that she won’t spare her, she runs behind Ruhaan. Dadi cries and tells Dua that our family is broken.. I am sorry for doubting your intentions. Dua says its not your fault.. Dadi says I was so proud of Ruhaan but how could he stoop so low? I can’t believe he tried to kill Haider and you. Dua says Ruhaan was trapped but please stop crying. I have to go to Haider and Hina. I am sure Gazal must be plotting something. She thinks to go to Haider and make everything fine.

Haider sees Hina getting beaten up and thinks nothing can be normal now, Dua and my path are different from now on.

The episode ends.

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