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Scene 1
The inspector tells Hina that she won’t spare her. Gazal, Kaynaat and Noor arrive there. The inspector says women like Hina are shame to the society, they start beating her up. Gazal smirks and thinks Hina is paying for killing my mother. Haider shouts and cries to leave his mother. Gazal thinks I am sad to see him like this but this is important as he will start hating Dua now. Hina says I didn’t do anything, the inspector beats her up more while Haider cries seeing that. Haider shouts to stop it, you can’t torture her like this. The inspector says see me do that only. Gazal shouts you can’t hit her like this. The inspector pushes her away and she falls down. Hina says I didn’t hurt Dua deliberately. They keep beating her up. Ruhaan is brought there and all are shocked to see him arrested. Haider asks what’s going on? Ruhaan glares at him. Gulnaz comes there rushing and says I won’t let anything happen with you, she hugs him and whispers that I hate Haider and Dua as much as you do, I am with you now but do as I say now. I will free you from here soon. She cries and screams that Dua won’t remain happy. She cries for Hina and says she never saw a pain like this, Dua destroyed our family, I curse that she never lives happily. She pleads with the inspector to leave them alone, they are innocent people. Dua comes there and says that’s wrong. She tells Gulnaz that innocent people are Haider and Hina.. your son is a criminal and he will pay for his crimes. Haider says first you sent us to jail and now you are behind Ruhaan? what did he do? Gulnaz says he didn’t do anything, she is trapping him for no reason. She is just so cruel. Dua rushes to Haider and says I didn’t file any complaint against Hina. Haider shouts to stop lying, if you didn’t complain then why did you let her get arrested? you are a liar, can’t you see what you have done and now you got Ruhaan arrested? Dua says if you don’t believe me then fine but I am going to take my complaint back now. All are shocked. Dua tells the inspector that I want to take my complaint back. The inspector says this is not a joke, if you are scared then just let us know. Dua says I didn’t file any complaint against Hina.. I filed a complaint against Ruhaan because he has an illegal weapon and he wanted to kill me and Haider. Haider shouts if she has gone crazy? she asks Ruhaan to speak up. Dua says he won’t because he is guilty of it. She asks the inspector to tell them about the gun she gave him. The inspector says what gun? we didn’t find any gun there. Dua says why are you lying? Gulnaz smirks and recalls how she went to talk to the inspector, she gave him her jewelry as a bribe and asked him to lie. The flashback ends. Dua looks at Gulnaz and realizes the truth. Hafeez and Ravi take Dua’s side but the inspector asks them to shut up. Dua says he took bribe to lie. The inspector says I am an honest officer. Dua says you should be ashamed of lying, you are not doing the right thing. Rahat arrives there and says Dua you didn’t do right thing either. All are shocked to see him. Rahat glares at Dua and says I left my house in your care but this is what you did? a bad woman can destroy the house and you did.. I thought you are an angel but you have made my family a hell. Dua says Abbu ji.. Rahat says don’t call me that, you are dead to me from now on. Dua is hurt hearing that.

The episode ends.

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