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Radha is sitting crying, Gungun asks Ketki what did the judge say about Radha, Ketki starts crying when Gungun gets worried asking what has happened. Kaveri smiles thinking they have finally achieved what they desired since now Radha would finally go and meet Tulsi. Damini exclaims that Radha along with Shekar and her Mohan jee have tried a lot but they failed. Dadi and Ramaveshwar both plead with the judge saying that she must not punish their daughter. Shekar goes to Radha apologizing to her but she stands up asking where is Mohan jee, Shekar says he does not know when Radha explains she is feeling that Mohan jee is in a lot of trouble the police constable push Radha out of the court room when she keeps advising Shekar and Gungun to find Mohan jee.

Radha stops when Damini is standing in front of her with a smile on her face and kaveri also comes to stand by her side, Damini says she is very sympathetic of her, Radha angrily warns Damini to ell her where is Mohan jee otherwise she will suffer the consequence, Damini hugs Radha saying Mohan would remain like this until Radha is hanged, and so she had to hug Radha as she lived with them for so many days. Radha is sure that nothing would happen to her and even her Mohan jee who would surely come to protect her after which he will never leave her, Damini says this si what she desires that he does not leave her, she threatens this time if she does not get what she desires she could not cut a finger but burn the entire bowl. Radha once again tries to harm Damini when she is pulled back, Radha says nothing will happen to her as this time she has the support of her Mohan jee, while even threatening that Damini would get what she deserves, Kaveri thinks Radha has gotten a shock after hearing the judgment so she feels Radha would get mad, Damini exclaims she never desires that Radha should get mad since she wants to see her hanged.

Kadambari asks what is happening and why did Mohan switch sides to Radha, Ketki says that Mohan was never against Radha but acting just to prove the truth, Ketki reveals the entire truth about how Mohan was looking for the proof< Shekar says that Mohan has gone to pick the reports with the real fingerprints of Tulsi, Kadambari wonders what has happened by them mentioning this means Radha was never wrong.Radha is pushed in the police van when she sees Gungun following the van, Radha keeps signaling her to stop and gets worried when she falls down, Kadambari rushes to hug her reassuring nothing is going to happen to her Ramaa and even her father, mentioning this is not the time to be worried but remain strong. Ketki is sure that Mohan bhai is in a very big trouble, kadambari mentions that the one who has gotten Mohan kidnapped will give the answer for it, kadambari calls Damini but sees her leaving with kaveri in the car.Ajeet sees Shekar coming, kadambari asks why is he so worried, Shekar says that Radha will be transferred to central jail today and she will be hanged after five days, Gungun gets shocked explaining she has already lost her mother but will not lose her Ramaa too, Kadambari promises to not let anything happen explaining that Radha always says they must trust Ba kai Bihari jee if they cannot trust anyone, Shekar says they only have five days to protect Radha because they do not eve know about Mohan. Kadambari explains they have to first force Damini to reveal the entire truth, she explains she will surely do it. Kadambari prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should protect Mohan.Mohan is still unconscious while being tied to a chair, Mohit comes to the room and is furious at Mohan since he has raised his hands on him so many times, Mohit then walks to stand beside Mohan with a stick in his hands explaining now is is his turn so says Mohan should see what he does to him, but Damini stops him from harming Mohan. Damini angrily throws the stick away, she holds Mohit by his collar questioning how did he dare raise his hands on her Mohan, she even slaps Mohit who is shcoked. Raja rushes into the room. Damini says she told Mohit to keep his personal quarrel away as she warned to take his life if Mohan gets even a scratch, kaveri notices Mohan is waking ip s she pulls her out of the room and then closes the door. Kaveri asks what was Damini doing since Mohan was waking up, he would have beaten them both if he saw them, Damini gets worried hearing it.Mohan tries to break free after waking up, he requests that Mohit should release her and threatens he will kill Mohit if he manages to break free, Raja also gets worried. Mohan keeps yelling the name of Radha, Damini thinks that Mohan is in this condition because of Radha but he has still not stopped talking about her. Damini thinks that it is no matter to be worried about as Radha is just alive for five days, she vows to make these five days even worse then death for her so she will forget even the name of Mohan.Radha while talking with Shekar asks where is Mohan jee and why is he quiet, Radha explains she is very tensed so is feeling that Mohan jee is in some sort of trouble, Shekar says he would reply if he has an answer since no one knows where he went after picking the reports and he feels someone kidnapped him, Radha says that Damini is the ne behind it because her plans were about to fail.Kaveri asks if Damini is seeing how Mohan is worried for Radha, she asks why is Damini crying when she says she is thinking what has Radha done to Mohan that he is still remembering her, Damini explains she has spent her entire life loving him but even then he still loves Radha, kaveri asks Damini to calm down and not be worried, explaining this game is just to meet their dreams and now she must be happy because he time is about to change, once Radha is hanged after five days then Mohan would be alone and need a support so then no one would be by his side, and she will have him only for herself. Damini exclaims Radha really loves him then she would have her suffer so much in the next five days that she will beg for loving.Jawla Devi is in her office when she gets a call so after picking her cap she walks to her phone, and answering the call of Damini asks her to not be worried as she will surely take care of Radha, but before that needs something else. Damini explains she is bringing her belongings but how can she stay away from watching Radha being tortured, Jawla says that her lawyer has come to meet her, Damini informs that he is her brother in law so Jawla should make sure Radha stays away from the outsiders.Radha is talking with Shekar explaining this is the planning of Damini so he should find the way to bring her out from the jail, the inspector pulls her by the hair saying the time of meeting has ended, Shekar warns the inspector saying that she cannot behave with his client like this, Jawla explains this is her jail and her laws, she advises Shekar should go and rest after which he must come to collect her dead body after five days, Shekar says the Inspector cannot behave with Radha in this manner, but the jailer keeps torturing Radha and she drags her by her hair while Shekar keeps saying that the jailer is wrong.Mohan while being tied to the chair hears Radha calling for his help, he thinks Radha is in a lot of pain and needs his support so he has to help her.Rahul is constantly calling Damini but says they are not answering his calls, kadambari wonders where have both Damini and Kaveri gone, Tulsi thinks they both would be planning to separate Radha and Mohan. Tulsi thinks that his family needs Mohan so where is he at the moment.Mohan thinks that his family needs him so he has to get out from here, Mohit asks Raja to go and feed Mohan otherwise he might get even more furious. Mohan sees the needle in the corner of the table so tries his best to move the chair but falls, Mohit wonders what is this noise so he starts walking towards the room while Mohan is trying to get to the corner. Mohit enters the room but sees that Mohan is unconscious while on the char, he looks around so turns to lee once again after which he sits on the chair. Mohan once gain opens his eyes, he is glad that no one got suspicious so he once again starts moving the chair. Mohan is able to finally reach the needle, raja comes with the dish when Mohit stops him saying Mohan is very dangerous so they both should go together.Raja and Mohit enter the room but are shcoked.The jailer is pulling Radha mentioning that her death is certain in these five days and she would ide a lot of times in these times, she will even pray that she gets hanged before it. Radha says the jailer cannot take the law in her own hands, she is pushed when Radha sees Damini standing in front of her. The jailer once again pulls Radha by her hair, Damini says Radha does should not talk about right and wrong because it was wrong when she did not get married to Mohan and he left her in the mandap so whatever is happening with her is right, Damini vows to do whatever she has done wrong up to this point. Damini asks Kaveri who hands the jailer a bag full of money when Damini says they would be more then the agreed amounts, explaining the jailer has done what they asked her to do. Radha asks how much money has the jailer taken, she explains that the entire department is like this because of inspectors like her. The jailer gets furious so slaps Radha, Damini mentions she has come here to take one thing that belongs to her however Radha stops Damini from touching her Mangal Sutur, seeing which Damini is shcoked.

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