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Shakti and Dr Shiv both are attending to the women, after a while they inform that the lady is ine and she would wake up soon, Shakti asks them to get aside and let some fresh air come to them. Damini is glad that her mother is fine but if she stays here then would be caught because of her. Gungun hears Damini, so thinks of stopping her as she is surely making some plan.

Pandit jee asks for their leave but Mohan says that he cannot leave like this, Manaroma also insists when Mohan says they can stay here for the night, Pandit jee mentions the bus for Banaras would leave after one hour, Manaroma explains that that tomorrow is the Haldi function of Rimjhim, she says she would meet Kadambari jee and then instructs Rimjhim to stop Shakti from playing doctor as she first slit the throat of that boy, Rimjhim stops her.

Radha whispers to Mohan that everyone is leaving so they should reveal he secret to her, Mohan asks Radha to look at the face of Shakti, he says he first wants to make her believe in the love of Dr Shiv after which they will tell the secret, Radha agrees with Mohan saying that they have come to their house on the auspicious event of JanMashtri so nothing could be better for them both. Mohan asks Dr Shiv to come with him as he has to talk f something important, Shakti gets worried however Radha signals her to not be worried.

Mohan says he will not say anything to Dr Shiv but his heart knows it, Mohan asks Dr Shiv why did he come after Shakti, Dr Shiv replies because he wants to be friends with her. Mohan then asks why did he help her get admission in school when Dr Shiv replies because she deserves it. Mohan then asks why did he protect her, Dr Shiv says because what was happening was wrong. Mohan mentions now they would make this a little more complicated and asks why did he feel bad when she broke their friendship, Dr Shiv is not able to answer these questions when Mohan keeps questioning why does he feel pain when Shakti is in pain and he does not get scared to risk his own life in order to protect Shakti, and he even protected Radha so he could help Shakti. Dr Shiv is hesitant when Mohan says now the last question of this quiz, he asks why does Dr Shiv get troubled when Shakti is not around him and feels to talk with her, Mohan request him to not make the same mistake that he did, Dr Shiv asks what kind of mistake. Mohan says he is going to not call him Dr Shiv but BBB, he explains that the relation between him and Shakti has reached another position which is of love. Dr Shiv gets troubled remembering his past, Mohan says Dr Shiv loves Shakti a lot and has the feeling of being incomplete when she is not around him, Dr Shiv starts getting restless while Mohan explains he would be feeling that something is broken inside him which only Shakti can heal, Mohan says Shiv is not able to accept that he loves Shakti, Dr Shiv pushes Mohan against the bed saying he can never love anyone and this is all a lie, he says he does not love Shakti hearing which she gets emotional and starts crying. Dr Shiv says the relation has ended. Mohan is shocked seeing the reaction of Dr Shiv as he is furious. Mohan then calls Shiv so he realizing his mistake apologizes to Mohan for what happened, he explains love gives a lot of pain, Shiv remembers when he was not able to protect the mother of the child. Shiv explains he cannot love anyone, Shiv says he does not love her.

Mohan follows Shiv outside the room, Shakti says that she told him that Dr Shiv does not love her. Mohan tries to convince her saying it is not the case, Dr Shiv himself does not know that he loves her, Shakti says that nothing can happen between her and Dr Shiv, Radha hugs Shakti when she says that she is going to leave. Radha asks Mohan if they were wrong to think that Dr Shiv loves Shakti, Mohan says that they were right since Shiv loves Shakti but is against love, he explains Shiv is against the word love. Radha does not understand, Mohan explains he does not know what happened in the past of Shiv but his reaction was not normal, he felt like Shiv was getting an attack and might even become violent. Mohan says he is worried that the love he has for Shakti might be reason for his problems, and they both would have to suffer. Mohan says he might be wrong but feels their love for each other will only bring pain in their lives, Radha also gets worried

Damini is about to leave the house, Gungun stops her questioning who is she and what is she doing in their house, Damini corrects her back when Gungun questions what is she hiding explaining she has been noticing her since the morning, Ajeet and Rahul both hold her from her hands, the hear that everyone is calling Radha and Mohan to come since the women who was electrocuted is waking up. The give water to Kaveri, Mohan coming asks why is he feeling as if he has seen her before, Radha is also suspecting as if she has seen her somewhere as she has a face which they now. Mohan asks them to wait for a moment and then recalls how she looks like Kaveri when she wears a disguise, kaveri gets up to run but Mohan manages to stop her, Kadambari asks what is he doing since she is their guest, Mohan once again forces her to sit down, kaveri requests Mohan to let her go as she is very late, Mohan is slowly removes the fake nose while she screams, so everyone is able to recognize that she is Kaveri masi. Mohan asks her to keep this fake nose to herself, he says now he understood how she is the one who set the electricity so Radha gets a shock and Ba Kai Bihari jee saved Radha but who would save her, Radha says she herself got trapped in the problems which she set for her. Kadambari asks what happened to her as she is not saying anything.

Gungun coming from behind says she was doubting them both, Ajeet and Rahul both are forcing Damini into the house. Kadambari asks what is going on, Gungun explains if she is Kaveri then the other women is stupid Damini, everyone is shocked hearing it. Kadambari instructs Ajeet to throw both of them out of this house, Mohan stops them mentioning they both are not worth letting go, he vows to hand them over to the police. Ajeet says he has already informed the police, hearing which Damini and Kaveri are shocked. Ajeet explains for trespassing and attempt to murder, as who would do it other then him, Mohan agrees with Ajeet.

The inspector asks Mohan who instructs him to arrest both Damini and Kaveri for trespassing into his house and trying to kill his wife, the Inspector instructs the constable to arrest them both when she picks the handcuffs seeing which Damini gets really worried.

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