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Damini asks the jailer to be polite since there is no reason to be violent in front of her as she has come here to take one thing that belongs to her, Damini tries to pull the Mangal Sutur but Radha stops her warning that she should not even think about doing this mistake, the jailer asks her subordinate to hold Radha, she manages to push both of them away and then bites the hand of Damini. Radha says that she has let go of her but would not leave her Mangal Sutur, Damini says Radha can keep her Mangal Sutur since Mohan is already with her and she will not let him go until Radha is hanged. Radha says Mohan jee would never love her even if she dies, Damini says that if he does not marry her then she would even kill him, Radha is not able to control her anger so starts suffocating Damini, the jailer asks the constable to hold her, Radha says if she is about to be hanged then would die after killing someone like Damini, explaining if she is set to meet Ba Kai Bihari jee then would surely end someone so evil like her.

Kadambari wonders what is the reason because of which Radha and Mohan are being punished because Radha is locked in jail while they do not know anything about Mohan, she prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should show her some way, Gungun realizing it runs towards the Mandir.

Mohit asks why is his chair so far away when it was placed here, Raja says that it is where it is supposed to be so Mohit asks Raja to feed him the lunch when Mohit sees the marks on the floor so stops Raja, Mohan opens his eyes and freeing himself from the ropes, holds both Raja and Mohit by the neck saying he warned them that if he gets free then would surely kill them both. Radha says she would see how Damini harms her Mohan jee since before that would happen she will surely kill her, Radha says she would break all the bounds and go to meet her Mohan jee. Mohan also tells Raja and Mohit that no one can separate Radha and Mohan. Radha says that Savtari also welcomed death so even she would not fear anything, Kaveri tries to protect Damini. Mohit tells Mohan that not even Bhagwan can protect his Radha from being hanged, Mohan says that his Radha cannot die like this. Radha is suffocating Damini who even closes her eyes but then Radha is hit in the back of the head with a stick, she sits down when the blood starts dripping from her hair.

Mohan says that his Radha cannot be punished when Raja she has been sentenced and would be hanged in five days, Mohan lets go of them both thinking Radha cannot be handed, Raja sees the chain and so comes to strange Mohan from behind when the rest of the goons also enter the hide out, Mohit instructs them to hit Mohan, he manages to fight off each and every one of them seeing which Mohit gets worried. Raja then comes from behind and so Mohan finally sits down, one of them throws a net over Mohan after which they manage to stop him. Mohan says no force in this world can stop him from reaching his Radha, Mohit asks them to not let go of Mohan since he is a lion who if comes out will not leave anyone.

The jailer starts beating Radha with a stick, while the goons are also beating Mohan and so he falls on the floor, Radha also screaming from pain is not able to control herself and screams from pain. Gungun blows the horn in the Mandir, so Radha exclaims she will bear this pain and not accept defeat, the jailer keeps beating her but then she rests beside the wall, Radha exclaims she is Radha Mohan Trivedi and the wife of Mohan jee, she is even the Ramaa of Gungun so their love would never let her lose, she swears on Ba Kai Bihari jee that she will bring back her husband safe and sound even if it means she has to break the walls of this jail. Damini tells the jailer that Radha does not only speak but can do it, she warns that Radha should not go out from this jail. The jailer holds Radha from the hair saying she would not let Radha stay in a condition after which she leaves this jail.

The entire Trivedi family along with Dadi and Ramaveshwar are standing the mandir, Gungun says that Ramaa told her they must not be afraid from any problem and ight without any fear, she knows her father and Ramaa would solve this problem because when they both are together then are hit, but at the present they are not together however he is still by their side. Gungun keeps asking Ba Kai Bihari jee if he is by their side, questioning why is he not saying anything. Ketki husg Gungun who says both her father and Ramaa would protect everyone from the problems but now when they are facing such a huge problem who is going to help them. Kadambari exclaims that Ba Kai Bihari jee has already taken the mother of Gungun once but this time should not take her parents. Kadambari tells Ajeet and Ketki that they have to first find Mohan and when he comes back they will be able to save Radha. Tulsi prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee for a sign after which she will herself go and save him. Kadambari also requests Ba Kai Bihari jee for a sign.

Sis also praying in the Mandir, that she gets the strength to save Radha Didi, Shakti turns to go to her Chachi telling her she has to go to Varandhawan, Manaroma asks the reason when Shakti thinks she cannot tell the truth but has to tell a lie and so says she has to and hide the wedding off Rimghim, Manaroma thinks she gets worried but is glad to heat that Shakti does not have any problem, Manaroma asks why does she have to go to Varandhawan and explains there is a friend Radha Didi who owns a printing press, Manaroma asks if she met her online, Shakti says Radha would give even a big discount, Manaroma explains that shakti should also ask for a free sample piece, explaining Shakti should perform the Darshan of Ba kai Bihari jee, Manaroma leaves when Shakti prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that Radha is a big Bhagt so there would be reason for it and she cannot do it, she thinks she would have to call the person who also loves Radha and is not afraid to fight, she calls a contact but Dua is not answering her call, Shakti then texts Dua to call her back as it is urgent.

The lady constables are pulling Radha who is not even able to walk properly, they take her to a hole in the middle of the ground and then push Radha in it so she falls down, Radha hurts herself as the constables lock the opening of it. Radha I crying from pain, seeing which the jailer smiles, she explains the hanging order is after five days but who knows that Yamraj would make her his guest before that, the jailer says all the insects are going to come ad pay her a visit, Rada feels someone coming, she turns up to see Damini and Kaveri standing. Damini says she is sympathetic of what has happened to her, as she was the daughter in law of the Trivedi family but now is a criminal who would be hanged, she asks if Radha still loves Mohan, Radha says she still loves him and would love him till she dies, she exclaims she will not go away from Mohan jee even if she dies, saying that death is not the end and who knows it better then her, Radha asks if Damini forgot about Tulsi, Damini orders they should break all the bones in the body of Radha, along with her hope and strength, she must resent the days she fell in love with Mohan. Radha says she has never resented loving Mohan in the past nor would do it in the future, she says how can Damini break her hope and strength as the only thing which will break is her pot of crimes and that too very soon, Kaveri says Radha is speaking a lot, and she has not lost her attitude so suggests they should beat her, the jailer says it would also happen so she hits Radha with a stick through the holes in the lockup, the jailer assures Damini must not be worried about Radha because she would eve n remember her face when she dies, the jailer says tomorrow is fifteen of August so she desires Damini should come like a chief guest, Damini assure she would come as she does not wat Radha to stay away from her for even a moment, so she can see all of her injuries and marks very closely, Radha is crying in the cell when the jailer says they would meet tomorrow. Kaveri says Damini agreed to come as the chief guest tomorrow but it would happen when they live tonight, since everyone is looking for them in the Trivedi Mansion. Damini asks who said they would go back to the Trivedi mansion as they will enjoy in a five star hotel till Radha gets hanged, kaveri exclaims Radha would be hanged here while they will enjoy, kaveri says after that they would go to that Trivedi Mansion and rename it to Damini and Kaveri house, Damini says she can do whatever she desires as they have finally won while Radha and Mohan have lost.

Kadambari is very worried thinking Radha and Mohan cannot lose as there would be a way, Shekar says it cannot happen as there is no way left. Kadambari asks what is he saying, and questions where is Mohan but Shekar is not able to say anything. Shekar says the police have also gotten tired but not able to find Mohan, Gungun gets worried who is the condition of her Ramaa and where is her father, Shekar apologies saying the court refused to allow them to meet Radha, and they can only meet her on the day she is hanged, they all get tensed hearing it. Gungun sits down mentioning she has to meet Ramaa no matter what, and explains she wants her Ramaa and papa. Kadambari assures nothing would happen to both her parents.

Radha sitting in the cell thinks that they both cannot accept defeat, she vows to fight for her Mohan jee and Gungun and her entire family, the trust which Tulsi has on her. Radha thinks tomorrow she would have to break this jail tomorrow no matter what happens, Mohan thinks he has to fight for Radha, Gungun and his entire family as they both are always together and can never fail he thinks he has to get out from here since Radha will be hanged after five days, but it can only happen tomorrow, he is adamant to save her.

Precap: Mohan gets kidnapped. Radha, in jail, says, I’ll go to any extent to save Mohan and she plans to break the jail with her friends Dua and Shakti.

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