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Damini while massaging her head says that Radha ran away from this jail after making a fool of them both and from the grasps of this jailer, Damini instructs her to go and find Radha before she reaches Mohan otherwise the jailer would be seen in the clothes of a prisoner, the jailer says that now Radha would not be caught but die as she will give the instructions of shoot at sight.

Gungun calls Radha and rushes to hug her, they both start crying. Kadambari and Ketki are also emotional seeing her when Radha first hugs Ketki, lastly hugging Kadambari who also embraces Radha mentioning she has gotten strength to see Radha like this when she never thought it would be possible, Ketki says that the credit of this goes to Dua, Shakti and Shiv otherwise it would not be impossible, Radha says they also had a great part in it all when she never thought she would meet them, they rightly say that one can do everything if they had the support of their family. Radha says that she does not know how to explain how she spent each of the moment in jail as she was only thinking of Gungun, Radha hugs her when Gungun says she also spent all those days with immense difficulty, she makes Radha promise that she would never leave her. Radha says she would never have left had it been her decision, she explains that her Ramaa has to go away from her. Gungun asks where does she have to go and what is the reason for it, Radha says Gungun knows she has to leave to bring Mohan jee.

Mohan is driving the car thinking he will reach the police station very soon and once he manages to submit the forensic report of Tulsi then his Radha would be free, Mohan sees someone lying on the floor so thinks that there has been an accident, he rushes to help her when the women says that this innocent women does not have the good fate, Mohan remembers how Kaveri would talk in this manner, Kaveri exclaims that who is the one who caused the accident and she prays that she should have died, Mohan keeps staring at her and then removes the wig from her head so he recognizes her, Kaveri acts as if she is innocent explaining he recognized his aunt and so she got in a very bad condition when they were not able to find him, Mohan asks her to stop this drama.

Ketki says where will they go to save Mohan jee since they have searched each possible location and even the police is searching for him, Radha asks Ketki to not be worried since she has already made all the preparations to save Mohan jee, Radha points to the floor which has the mark, Radha says this is because of the smartness of Gungun revealing it is the oil dripping from the car of Damini, Radha explains how she told Gungun to do it and then she exactly followed her instructions, Gungun thinks that Ramaa told her to break the tank of Damini car, after which she prayed to Ba Kai Bihari jee.

Damini while driving her car wonders where has Radha gone to because she is always a step ahead of their actions, Damini does not know that the fuel is leaking from her car.

Mohan tells Kaveri that he knows she is trying to stop him from protecting Radha, he remembers how the old women once before beat Radha, he says she was the one outside the mandir and has been making a fool of him since then, he says there is no need to act foolish as he has gotten to know the true face of both Damini and Kaveri, he asks her to come with him when Damini sprays something on his face because of which he falls unconscious on the hood of the car. Kaveri thinks now she will see how he goes to save Radha because he has no idea what is the true face of his aunt and there is no one more dangerous then her, Kaveri exclaims he is very heavy ad she thinks she would die because of his weight, she asks someone to help her.

Ketki asks Radha how will she reach Damini with this way, Gungun says Ketki would have heard about the theory of speed and distance so this is the practical of that, she rings a rock mentioning they will assume Damini has a five liters of petrol and it is falling down with a specific speed so then Damini would only go ten kilometers after which her car stops so then she will ask for either a lift or find a mechanic but if they catch her then would know the real truth. Kadambari says that she was always seeing zeros in her book but how did she gets such good in her studies, Gungun says this is all because of he teacher, Ketki asks if she means Miss Rozy when Gungun replies she meant Miss Ramaa, Gungun hugs her. Kadambari mentions now they all must catch Damini and then inquire about the location of Mohan. Radha stops Kadambari explaining the entire police force is searching for her and would even try and question them all, Kadambari asks how will Radha do it alone, when she says they have really helped her but now she has to fight this war by herself, Ketki asks how will she leave as there is no sign of an auto rickshaw or car, Radha points to the bike when Kadambari getting worried asks if she can do it by herself, Radha says she would do everything to save her Mohan, she assures that she will come back very soon informing Gungun there is no reason to be worried about. Radha goes to sit on the bike but notices that the cabin of the bike is stuck, she tries to fix it by herself, Radha has a very strange feeling and so she ties the saree around herself, she asks Kadambari, Ketki and Gungun to take care of themselves assuring they will meet very soon. Radha leaves when they all wish her.

Damini is driving her car which starts to bump and then stops which worries her, she gets out to check the reason and then notices the fuel leaking behind the car, she wonders how did the tank break and where is she going to go from this place. Radha while following the mark left by Damini car, she thinks that Damini cannot stay away from her when it comes to Mohan jee.

Damini calls the person saying she is on the way to the hotel from the jail, Damini then gets a call from the jailer saying that she should do everything to find Radha otherwise she would not only take back her money but also get the jailer suspended, the jailer says what if she tells that Damini would pay her double the amount, Damini asks if she thinks they are mad when the jailer asks her to look at what she send her on the phone. Damini starts looking at it.

Gungun in the house is very excited while telling Vishwaniyat that even the friends of Radha came to protect her, Shakti and Dua aunt because of whom Radha managed to run away from the jail, Vishwaniyat says that Radha will now manage to find Mohan who will only prove that she is innocent after which all the problems will end, Shekar coming to them says that the problems have not ended but the real problems have just started, Kadambari asks what does he mean demanding that he should tell the truth, Tulsi also says that his quiet behavior is causing a lot of tension. Shekar shows the news, in which it states that the authorities have given the permission to shoot at sight, hearing which everyone gets worried.

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