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Shekar shows the news to the Trivedi family in which it states that the authorities have given the directive to shoot at sight, Gungun asks Ketki what does it mean by to shoot at sight, but when she does not reply Gungun asks her Grandfather and then even turns to Ajeet, however they do not reply to her. Gungun finally turns to Rahul in a state of despair asking about the meaning when she finally turn to her Dadi, who says that when the police will see Ramaa they will shoot her, Gungun gets stunned hearing it when Kadambari hugs her, Gungun is shocked along with the entire family, she starts crying for her Ramaa.

Damini mentions it is the best news and she will see how Radha is saved but wonders where is she at the moment, Radha stops the bike in front of the car of Damini, she is shocked thinking if Damini sees her then it would cause a very big problem, Damini feels as if someone was coming from there so she goes to check, Radha has however hidden in the bushes. She gets scared thinking Damini is coming here so asks Ba Kai Bihari jee for help, she kneels down but then Damini stops hearing the horn so leaves. Damini rushes to the car when the police Inspector opens the door and pulls out a gun, she is shocked seeing it, as Kaveri walks out with the gun in her hands. Radha is also not able to see the person. Kaveri steps out with the gun when Damini asks what is she doing, Radha wonders what is Kaveri wearing. Damini asks what is Kaveri doing, she says she had a dream of being the burgle since her childhood and scare all of the villagers, so someone should place a bounty on her head as she became a kidnapper, Kaveri exclaims all of her desires from her childhood fulfilled because she even took care of Mohan.

Damini says that Radha is even more intelligent, kaveri asks the reason when Damini says tat she ran away after breaking the jail, Kaveri wonders where did Radha go, Damini says that Radha would be caught and even killed because the police have been instructed to kill her at sight, Radha gets shocked thinking they would shoot her just as she reveals her face. Kaveri angrily takes off her gun mentioning their life would calm down.

Damini asks Kaveri where is Mohan when Kaveri replies she has come to take Damini there, Radha thinks that this is the best opportunity for her to reach Mohan, she thinks she cannot follow them with a bike so thinks of a plan, she notices a stone so thinks she would have to go with them, Radha picks the stone and hits Kaveri in the back of the head, Radha kneels down to hide. Kaveri angrily turns saying who got the will to hit Kaveri, Damini says it would be a monkey, Kaveri says that she is also going to hit the monkey with a stone and picks it up, saying the monkey would have to come and fight her, she starts walking towards the bushes, Damini mentions they are getting late but Kaveri is amendment to hit the monkey, Damini says they have to go and be with Mohan but Kaveri insists on going to the monkey, Damini wonders whose cycle is placed in the corner, Kaveri asks what does she have to do with the cycle, Damini says that someone would have brought the cycle, Kaveri exclaims they should bring her horse as she would go and beat the monkey. Damini keeps asking her to come so Kaveri finally agrees to come back, meanwhile Radha manages to open the trunk of the car and hide in it, thinking she would come to him very soon. Damini after sitting in the car asks where has she kept Mohan, she lifts the cover to reveal Mohan lying in the back seat of the car. Damini asks if she has lost her senses since what would happen if he regains consciousness, Kaveri mentions she has done it with immense preparation as she first sprayed the medicine and then gave him it once more so no one would be able to wake him up, Damini asks now where are they going to keep him hidden, Kaveri says they should hide him in a far off place, Damini is worried when kaveri asks her to drive off from here. Damini starts driving the car.

Shekar mentions that Radha made a big mistake running from the jail and should not have taken the law in her own hands, Kadambari asks what should have she done, she exclaims they cannot find Mohan and have no proof to prove that Radha is innocent as she would be hanged in three days, Kadambari explains she is not saying the judge is wrong but those people who make a fool of the law, and if it wrong to protect an innocent then she has taken the law in her hands. Tulsi asks Kadambari to not be worried as she knows that Radha would have found Mohan and bring him back, she is sure Radha would have reached Mohan by now. Kadambari hugs Gungun assuring nothing will happen to Ramaa.

Kaveri is driving the car when they hit a bump however Radha tries her best to not even utter a single word, Mohan starts calling the name of Radha she wonders why is she feeling that he is very close to her and trying to say something to her, Mohan once again says the name of Radha hearing which she feels a bit tensed. Radha remembers when she told Mohan he loves Damini but he replied he only loves her, after which they both came close to each other and started falling in love. He after a while welcomed her in this house with complete honor and as Radha Mohan Trivedi, she is not able to stop thinking about him. Damini says he is even thinking about Radha while being unconscious, she thinks she would end the memories of Radha once she is dead after which he would not have any choice but to love her. Radha hiding in the car thinks that she is coming to Mohan and would be by his side very soon.

Kaveri says that she must forget Mohan because she herself is enjoying playing kidnapper and if they had another gun then would have surely robbed a bank. Damini is shocked seeing the check post and asks Kaveri to think about them otherwise they both would be arrested for kidnapping Mohan, Kaveri mentions they have no choice other then to go ahead, Kaveri stops the car when the police officer comes demanding they should step out of the car, Kaveri requests him to let her go as she is in a lot of hurry, Radha wonders why did they stop the car, she slowly opens the trunk and then sees the barrier, Radha realizes it is a check post and if she is caught then it would cause a lot of problem, she starts praying. Kaveri agrees to come out of the car when the officer asks if she is planning to rob a bank, kaveri says she is a simple old widow and how can she harm anyone, Damini meanwhile is texting someone when the Inspector asks if he has to give a separate invitation for her to come out, Damini comes out asking if he knows that she was the chief guest at the event in the jail, the officer says he cannot let this car pass without checking. The officer is called to the other side when Kaveri tells Damini that if the officer check the car then both of them would first go to jail, Damini starts panicking when the officer comes asking her to open the trunk as he is sure there is going to be something there, she tries to resist but is forced to unlock the trunk, the officer slowly tries to open it seeing which Radha gets shocked.

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