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Radha wonders how did the bike turn off, Tulsi vows to not let Radha go anywhere because if she surrenders and is hanged then who will help Mohan and the rest of the family.

Damini thinks this is a very good time to end the story of Radha but she does not know how to find out if Radha is going to surrender, Damini and kaveri both are arguing not knowing that Mohan is awake and hearing their conversation, he thinks he has to leave but wonders how since Damini is still present here and the only one smart, so if she leaves he would be able to run away after making a fool of everyone.

Radha notices the ignition is turned off so after switching it on tries tos tart the bike but Tulsi using her power manages to turn it off, Radha seeing it wonders how did the key turn back, she realizes Tulsi is the one turning off the bike. Radha asks Tulsi what is she doing because she is going to protect her family, Tulsi replies the life of Radha is also at risk and if she surrenders then she will be hanged the day after tomorrow and if anything happens to her then Mohan will once again lose his wife while Gungun her mother, she cannot let them both suffer the same pain again. Radha replies she knows Tulsi is trying to save her but she must also understand she cannot risk so many lives for her own and if she does not surrender tonight then the Jailer will not let go of their family and she heard what Damini threatened that one member of their family would die each hour. Tulsi remembers when Damini threatened them, Radha once again starts the bike but Tulsi turns it off again, Radha questions why is Tulsi not understanding that if she protects her own life and anyone of their family suffers, she will not be able to forgive herself and how would she be able to look at her Mohan jee. Radha says she accepts not one but hundred deaths for the sake of her family. Tulsi still refuses to let Radha go because they even have no idea what sort of plans Damini has made for Radha and what she might do once Radha surrenders and takes her life. Radha makes Tulsi swear on the life of Gungun, Tulsi says that Radha should first take back the swear on the life of Gungun, Radha mentions she has stopped Tulsi for the first time but has no other way to do it, Tulsi pleads with Radha to take back the vow, when Radha requests Tulsi to let her go and starting the bike starts moving, Tulsi keeps pleading with Radha to listen to her.

The Jailer is standing when the criminals are beating Rahul, Vishwaniyat and Ajeet meanwhile Kadambari and Ketki are forced to watch them, Ketki requests the jailer to let them go since they are innocent but the Jailer yells at them to remain quiet when the Jailer wonders why has Radha not come till now, the lady constable comes saying she does not feel like Radha would come here because why would she risk her own life for them, the Jailer orders they should keep beating her family and the time Radha takes to come here they should keep beating her family, the lady constable walks in the front with a wooden stick, seeing which Gungun gets worried but she pleads to the constable to not beat anyone holding her hands however the constable pushes Gungun away seeing which Ajeet and Rahul get worried.

Gungun then rushes to the Jailer requesting her to not torture her family, the Jailer replies they are going to suffer this beating till the time her mother comes here so what can she do if her mother is taking so much time to come. The jailer orders the constable who starts beating Kadambari, Ramaveshwar says they can beat the men but should not beat the women and children, they all are worried for Kadambari and Ketki, Gungun pleads with them to not beat anyone and stop, Gungun asks the Jailer if she would let everyone go once Ramaa comes, the Jailer stops everyone from beating the Trivedi family. The Jailer agrees to let everyone go if her Ramaa comes here, but she does not think Ramaa is going to come here when Gungun says that she will surely come here if she calls her. Kadambari and Ketki request Gungun to stop and not listen to the Jailer, Dadi also says that they would not let Radha leave. Gungun asks the Jailer to promise that she would not do anything to Ramaa if she comes here, the Jailer putting her gun back promises that she would not even touch here but send her to the jail. Gungun asks if this is a strong promise because if she breaks it then Ba Kai Bihari jee would get angry with her, the jailer replies they also fear Ba Kai Bihari jee and she will surely let everyone go free. Kadambari requests Gungun to not listen to anyone since they all are liars, she requests them to let her go. The Jailer is smiling when Gungun asks for her phone, Kadambari and Ketki are still requesting her to not call Radha. The jailer asks Gungun to put the phone on speaker, Ajeet also informs that they are just trapping her, Vishwaniyat also requests Gungun to not call Radha here.

Damini wonders she cannot think of a way to find out if Radha is going to surrender, Mohan closes his eyes when Kaveri looking at him gets a bit suspicious and then she closely sees him from the side, kaveri tries to find out if he is awake and then twists the corner of her saree, which she is slowly pushing in the nose of Mohan, Damini is seeing her questions what is she doing, saying he might get awake if she irritates him Kaveri remembers when Mohan bit her hand in the last hide out, she asks if Damini has gotten mad since it is better if he stays unconscious and he should look at how beautiful he is looking in these new clothes, Kaveri kisses him on the cheeks seeing which Damini feels disgusted, she asks her to at least forgive her Mohan and leaves angrily, Kaveri follows Damini. Mohan slowly opening his eyes checks to see if anyone is looking at him so wipes off the marks, Mohan wonders who should he protect himself from.

Radha is riding the bike when she gets a call on the phone so takes it out to notice that it is an unknown number, Radha wonders who is calling on Gungun’s phone and wonders if it is someone from her family, she tells Tulsi that she has to answer this call. Radha greets when she is shocked to hear Gungun is crying, Radha gets worried asking why is she crying and if everyone else is fine, Gungun says no one is fine and the bad Jailer aunti is beating them, the Jailer furiously walks to Gungun and kneeling in front o her tries to threaten her so Gungun says the Jailer aunti is beating everyone from their family, she requests Ramaa to come quickly when Radha bows to not let them get away so easily. The Jailer takes the phone from Gungun saying Radha should think of these things later as she must first prepare to protect her family, as her one mistake can end her entire family. The Jailer says her old Dadi is still alive and what if she dies from a heart attack because Radha got late, Radha warns the Jailer to not even think of touching her, the Jailer gets furious questioning what can Radha do as she is the one who will do it with her entire family. Gungun is shocked hearing it, the criminals have covered the face of the entire Trivedi family, the Jailer smiles seeing them.

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