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The inspector instructs Damini to open the trunk of the car demanding she must cooperate with him, Damini takes the keys from Kaveri and starts following the inspector saying there is nothing in the trunk but the inspector says this is his duty, Damini unlocks the car when the Inspector slowly starts opening the door of the trunk seeing which Radha gets worried, Damini thinks there is nothing in the trunk but if the Inspector sees Mohan then everything would be ruined, just as he is about to open the door he is stopped by the lady Inspector who is also the jailer, she angrily closes the trunk. Damini recalls how she texted her while sitting in the car, The jailer demands she should be let go since she was the chief guest of the event and she has not hidden Radha but is the one who got her arrested, Inspector tries to inform about the protocol when the jailer says it is just for normal people and not like her, he leaves after agreeing. The jailer says that Damini should go vowing to kill Radha if she sees her anywhere, Damini says the Jailer should do what she said otherwise she will surely do what she said a few time ago, Damini thanks the jailer but the Inspector once again stops them saying there is something on the back seat of their car. Damini and Kaveri both are shocked, Jailer asks what has Damini hidden in the back seat, she says she has hid Mohan, the jailer says that Damini has even more courage and is kidnapping in broad daylight, the Inspector demands they should open the door when Kaveri acts as if she is trying to open it but the door is jammed, Kaveri says she is trying to open it but the door is locked, Inspector asks kaveri to get aside and he himself tries to open it but the door is still locked, Kaveri says she told him when the Inspector mentions he will try from the other side, Kaveri thinks she did not lock that door. Inspector is walking towards the door when the Jailer stops him saying she will check the car, she angrily opens the door to lift the cloth off Mohan face, but she closes the door saying they are just necessary things so asks Damini to leave, she sits in the car when they leave. The Jailer is relieved.

Kadambari asks everyone to keep an eye on the landline of the house and also make sure their phones are charged, she thinks Radha will surely call them after finding Mohan, Kadambari sits down when Vishwaniyat asks her to not be worried assuring Mohan will return back, Kadambari asks how can she not be worried since both her son and daughter in law are in trouble and she does not know what is going on, Vishwaniyat says how will they handle Gungun if she breaks down so she must remain hopeful for the best.

Damini suddenly stops the car, Radha in the trunk wonders why did the car stop here, Kaveri also asks Damini when she says they cannot take Mohan ahead from this location, she explains that the jailer would not come to help them and informs that the uncle of Gungun is coming so she has also instructed them to take him to a secure location. Kaveri gets furious saying that she does not care for their plan and explains she had a desire to be a kidnapper, Damini explains they can not handle Mohan since they are not professional kidnappers, Kaveri says the professional kidnappers were not able to control Mohan and he ran from that location, after which she risked her own life and kidnapped him once again, Kaveri says only she will complete this work

Gungun prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should make sure Radha and Mohan meet because if they both are together then would solve all of the problems so she prays that they both should meet.

Radha hiding in the car wonders what are they doing, she slowly gets out of the trunk and slowly closes the door, Radha once again hides in the trunk when Kaveri steps out of the car. Damini questions why is she causing this drama mentioning she cannot ruin her plan, Kaveri says she does not want to hear anything when she said they would not be able to handle Mohan, Radha wonders if someone else is handling him, she thinks they would be talking of Gungun uncle as he even lied in the court which is because he really hates Mohan jee, she wonders if he does anything to Mohan jee Radha prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that she should meet Mohan jee, Gungun is also praying in the house. Damini mentions they have not gone back to the Trivedi house and they might suspect that both of them are behind everything and so they will have to go and spend the rest of their lives in the jail, Kaveri says she did not think of that and informs she has prepared a plan to go back to the Trivedi house, Radha wonders what are they both planning to d with her family, she thinks she has to do something and protect both Mohan jee and her family from them, Radha wonders what is going on outside so she sees Raja coming with Mohit, she wonders what is he doing here, Radha immediately closes the trunk.

Damini is glad that they finally arrived, Radha thinks Mohit came to meet Damini and if he is here then where is Mohan jee, Radha thinks that Mohit would surely be going to Mohan jee and now he is going to take her to Mohan jee. Mohit thanks Damini for giving him a second chance, Damini says they have to take the help of donkey in the time of need, she warns him to not make any mistake otherwise she will take back double the amount of what she has given, she starts explaining the plan when Radha slowly walks out of the trunk and secretly closes it.

Radha starts peeking through the back of the car, not knowing that Damini can see her in the back view mirror, Damini asks them to first take him away so Raja along with his men pull out Mohan from the car and start pushing him in the van when the cloth removes from his face, Radha is shcoked to see that Mohan is unconscious in the van, she tries to follow the car and runs after it but they manage to get away from her, she keeps calling to Mohan. Radha starts crying however they leave.

Kaveri says that Damini said she will handle everything but she is worried that the Trivedi family would be waiting for them and Mohan will tear them both to pieces, Damini says her biggest problem at the moment is Radha since they both are not safe until she is found, Damini suddenly hears Radha calling to Mohan so gets shcoked, Damini asks if Kaveri heard the voice of someone but Damini wonders who is yelling Mohan, Damini sees Radha in the back view mirror, Kaveri is also shcoked to see her and gets worried wondering how did Radha reach here, Damini realizes that her car broke down and someone hit Kaveri in the back of the head, which is when she even saw the bicycle, she gets frustrated thinking they both have brought her here since Radha was hiding in the trunk of their car, Kaveri wonders how were they not able to realize her presence, Damini thinks that she is not going to let Radha get away so easily, she angrily turns her car meanwhile Radha falls on the road, she sees that Damini is coming towards her in the car, Radha gets shcoked as Damini is driving towards Radha.

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