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Radha is running after the van calling to Mohan jee, Damini vows to not let Radha get away so easily this time and she quickly turns her car, Radha falls on the road and after sitting up realizes the car is facing towards her, Damini starts driving towards Radha who realizing it starts running from her in the opposite direction, Damini is adamant to hit Radha who is scared while Damini is smiling.

Gungun is praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee that Ramaa went to find her father and promised to come back soon but she has not returned, Gungun prays wondering if they both are fine and Ba Kai Bihari je is with them, Kadambari prays that he has always supported the truth so would have to stand by Radha and Mohan. Ajeet says that he helped Arjun and as Krishna helped Gourbathi from JeeHaran, Kadambari says he picked the wheel in MahaBharat so he should also help Radha and Mohan this time,

Mohit is with Raja in the hideout while Mohan is still unconscious, Raja is thinking of something.

Damini while following Radha thinks how she blamed that Damini poisoned the kheer and even humiliated her in front of the whole office while also humiliated her in the room, Damini vows to enact her revenge thinking how Radha said she has just cut her hair while would cut her throat the next time, Damini even slapped her in the independence function. Radha while running falls on the road while Damini is driving towards her, Radha turns back and is very worried thinking she might lose her life, Damini speeds up the car and is adamant to hit Radha who screams as Damini drives her car over her, she after that is smiling when Kaveri exclaims that they have killed Radha finally and so she has left their life to meet Tulsi who is also a ghost, Damini exclaims that she has finally killed Radha and both Tulsi and Radha had to die by her hands, Kaveri is very excited exclaiming their plan is going to star, she is very joyed exclaiming Radha went to her Ba Kai Bihari jee, who finally heard the prayer of this innocent widow, Damini explains that half of their work is left, she vows that no one would be able to recognize her dead body, Mohan loves her face but she is going to ruin it to the extent that no one is even able to recognize it, Damini reverses the car and they drive t the end of the road after which she once again drives ahead and then back, they keep doing it when Kaveri says that her dead body would be ruined, Damini says they should see the condition of her dead body, Damini drives ahead in the car when she notices in the side view mirror that Radha is still alive, she wonders who did she crush under her car, she does not know that it was just a rock.

Gungun is praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee for the safe return of her father and mother so nothing should happen to them, Kadambari mentions this family is incomplete without Radha and Mohan including the life of Gungun so he should send them both back safe and sound. Ketki prays that Radha and Mohan bhai have done nothing wrong with anyone so nothing should happen to them, Ajeet prays they both have seen a lot of difficulties so should be sent back home, Gungun says she would be very angry with Ba Kai Bihari jee if anything happens to her parents, Kadambari exclaims Bhagwan should listen to the prayers of this little child, Vishwaniyat mentions he is sure nothing will happen to their Radha and Mohan, and they both will return back home very soon. Vishwaniyat remembers how Radha would force her to drink the juice while even Mohan was eager to teach Gungun the bicycle just as he taught her, kadambari thinks Radha said she thinks of her as her mother but is worried that she was not able to serve her, while Mohan is really emotional and close to her. Ketki thinks of Radha hugged her as is like a sister while Mohan vowed to always protect her as her big brother. Gungun also standing in the Mandir think of the beautiful time she has spent with her Ramaa and father.

Kaveri gets furious thinking she is not able to do even a single work properly, Damini once again turns back the car thinking this girl would not die so easily so she vows to teach her a lesson, Kaveri says Damini should not let Radha live as they have already killed one wife of Tulsi by burning her while Damini must also kill Radha, Damini thinks that both of the wives of Mohan are to die by her hands so she thinks that Radha is going to die, Radha exclaims she cannot die today as she wants to protect her Mohan jee and if she dies then it would be the end of her love after which she will also not believe in the love of Ba kai Bihari jee.

Radha sees Damini driving towards her so she once again starts running when Damini says she would see how Radha remains safe after hiding under the car, she starts following Radha who prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee exclaiming just s he saved the life Deropathi in the battle then should also protect her life in the same manner today, she prays for courage. Radha is standing in the middle of the road while Damini is driving towards her with a smile while the rest of the Trivedi family is praying, Damini loses control of the car after hitting the rock causing the car to go and hit the tree, Radha angrily pulls Damini out of the car who has hurt her head, and then even goes to pull kaveri out of the car, she pushes them both on the road mentioning they have both tried to take her life and cause problems for her but she did not say anything however she is not going to leave them both so easily today. Radha sees the stick in the corner which she picks in her hand mentioning she can bear anything but not any pain to her Mohan jee, Radha starts beating them both saying she would served anyone else who had gotten hurt but would get punished by doing the same for them, Radha thinks she would ave taught them both a lesson but does not have the time, she thinks she would take care of them both and using the rope ties them from tree, exclaiming they are going to be eaten with the ants, Damini threatens to take her life if she does not open, Radha replies that this is what Damini tried to do but exclaims nothing wrong can be done to her so leaves to protect her Mohan jee while Damini is calling her along with kaveri who warn her to not take their car but Radha starts the car leaving both Damini and Kaveri tied against the tree, kaveri mentions that there can be a lion in this forest and the sun is setting, so their time to eat is about to start, she asks Damini to do something who tries her best to struggle.

Radha while driving thinks they took Mohan jee in this direction so wonders where could have they taken him, she prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee for help. Radha sees someone talking on the phone so realizes he is one of those kidnappers, she thinks of following the person wondering if he is going to the location where they have kept Moan jee, Radha starts following him so that he does not get suspicious, she stops when the person turns, Radha immediately gets out of her car as the person starts walking towards the room, she tries her best to make sure that he does not realize he is being followed, Radha sees he has stopped so gets scared however she manages to hide, and the person once again starts walking ahead with some bags in his hands. Radha keeps following him.

Mohit is in the room when the person hands him the bags, Mohit is glad that they got something to eat and even Raja gets excited, Mohit wonders what should they do of him, Radha gets shocked seeing him in the room.

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