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Radha secretly hides the phone in her pocket from the table, Raja notices her moustache so asks her to stop hearing which she gets worried.

Kaveri asks if he has seen his face then should leave, the person says he should not have saved them, kaveri whispers to Damini that even he has recognized them so angrily picks the stick with which she starts hitting the person, Damini also picks another stick and they both start beating the person who keeps requesting them to stop and wonders why did he get involved with them, Damini calls him a donkey requesting Kaveri to come because they have to find Radha before she manages to free Mohan, she says Radha would have even found out where they have kept Mohan by now. Kaveri says that Radha has taken their car so how are they going to go, Damini says they will go using the scooty, Kaveri sudden runs to sit behind Damini on the scooty while the person keeps calling them.

Raja questions where is he going when Radha says that the main switch is there and she is just going to check for it, he instructs her to do it quickly when Radha mentions it will just take ten minutes.

Damini after a while stops the scooty when kaveri asks the reason, she says she is dizzy so requests Kaveri to ride it for a while but Kaveri says she does not know how to ride it, Damini asks what does she know to do besides eating or sleeping, Kaveri gets furious warning Damini to not question her eating or sleeping, she explains she was just made to rest and live peacefully saying that when she was in collage, she would sit behind Kadambari on the bicycle and all of the boys would whistle after seeing her, Damini says they would whistle after seeing Kadambari as Kaveri is not that special, earing this Kaveri gets furious saying that Damini should start the scooty.

Radha enters the room where she is shocked to see Mohan jee so goes to hug him but he does not wake up, Radha starts crying and her tears fell on his face which wakes him up, Mohan holds the hand of Radha seeing which she is glad, she suggests they should leave this place right now before anyone comes. Mohan agrees but stumbles and hugs Radha, she also embraces him and they both start crying as they are emotional. Radha mentions they do not have much time and need to leave before anyone comes back, Radha tries to leave however Mohan holds her hand, she only keeps looking at him while he slowly walks close to Radha, when he removes her cap to reveal the Sindoor filled in her Mang, Mohan then touches her hair pulling them in the front like Radha is used to set them, she is not able to move and keeps standing there. Mohan pulls her even close when she explains they need to leave but he stops her, and he leans in to kiss her, Radha also is not able to move or get away from him.

Damini quickly stops the scooty and asks Kaveri to come, they both see the watchman is asleep when Damini hits him with a kick, questioning if he is an idiot and they pay him to fall asleep, she asks what happened to the light when the watchman says that the lights usually go off. Damini asks Kaveri to come and they both enter the hideout, questioning where have they all gone, Mohit is shocked to see them both and Damini asks if Radha has come here, Mohit says he is sure that Radha did not come here. Damini looks out the window and then sees her car, she informs Kaveri who is glad that they found their car since it is very nice. Daini says kaveri is tensed about their car while she is worried of their lives since if their car is here then Radha would also be here. Raja says that an electrician came here, Damini asks where is Mohan and that boy, Kaveri is not able to understand when Damini says she is Radha who can do anything.

Mohan finally takes a step back, he lifts the face of Radha mentioning that he told her this would only happen when he fully accepts their relation and now he has realized that he only belongs to her. Mohan says his life is incomplete without her.

Mohit is walking with Damini and everyone close, while Mohan and Radha are still together in the room not knowing how everyone is about to come. Damini enters the room with Kaveri to see that Mohan is still tied on the chair and is still unconscious, Kaveri signals Damini to calm down and they start looking in the room, Damini walks ahead when kaveri tries to check if Mohan is just acting. Damini is looking for Radha, Mohit says he told them that no one is here but Damini does not trust him, Damini says he has not done anything worth trusting. Radha is very worried while hiding, Mohit says that mistakes sometimes happen but it does not mean he would always make mistake, he says that not even the hair of Radha would come here. Damini asks them all to come and they leave.

Damini asks kans uncle where is the electrician and did he went to sleep, they all are worried about the electrician. Radha comes asking where did the moustache of Radha o, she sees that they are stuck on the moustache of Mohan, he says he is feeling yuck when he asks if she came for him, Radha says she can go to any length for him.

Damini angrily questions where is the electrician when she remembers that Mohan does not have any moustache, she tells them all that Radha is already present in the room with Mohan.

Radha asks Mohan to tell her where did he go as she searched for him in so many places, Mohan hugs Radha informing he was always by her side, and he exclaims I LOVE YOU. Radha and Moan are smiling when Mohan asks where is the sound coming from, Radha says it is not the voice of her heart so they both are worried when they realize that someone is coming, Mohan and Radha both plan to run, Mohit says that Mohan is in their custody from so many days and his moustache might have grown, Damini says that the electrician Radha.

Mohan opens the window but Radha gets scared seeing the height of the room, he explains they have to find a way and jump but Radha says he should not have gotten romantic and run with her. Mohan says that he has to go and find a way so starts climbing on the window, Radha pulls his shirt when he asks her to pull it from a bit down. Mohan finally jumps out of a window but he hits his knee on a rock which starts bleeding, Mohan asks Radha to hurry up and she jumps just as Damini enters the room, she manages to land perfectly safe. Radha is shcoked seeing the injury of Mohan and explains he is even hurt, Mohan sees Damini standing with Mohit and Radha, she gets scared while Mohan is furious.

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