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Damini pleads with Mohan to wake up and instructs both Raja and Mohit to go after Radha while she will take care of Mohan, she blames Radha for causing everything because her Mohan got injured only because of Radha as she was the one supposed to die and not Mohan, Damini screams for him.

Radha is running in the forest while both Raja and Mohit are following her with all their strength, she manages to stay ahead of them both, Mohit while running in the water stream slows down a bit giving Radha enough time to hide behind the trees, Mohit and Raja both are not able to see her, Mohit says she came this way but where did she ran to, Radha prays that nothing should happen to Mohan jee. Raja mentions she might have run away as where can they search for her in this wild forest. Mohit while leaving notices a sound so asks Raja to stop, he slowly starts walking towards the trees and so comes to stand in front of it but is not able to find Radha, he gets furious so looks around for her, Raja comes asking Mohit to come with him as Radha would have run away but the lions and tiger present in this forest would at her. Mohit once again comes to the front of the tree while Radha is standing behind him, Mohit thinks if he once again tells Damini that he lost Radha then she will take his life, they both once again turn back after hearing the sound of a stone but leave after which Radha comes out of hiding.

Gungun tells Kadambari and Ketki that they cannot accept defeat and tells Ajeet if they cry like this then Ba Kai Bihari jee would not help them, mentioning they are going to light the Diya once again in numbers that they would not die down in any circumstance. Ramaveshwar starts smiling hearing Gungun who runs to bring the Diya, which she asks everyone to light. Kadambari notices that one of the Diya is about to fall but she catches it and with a smile on her face says Gungun is right and they should not accept defeat so easily no matter the situation, their hope and prayers would make sure Ba Kai Bihari jee stays on their side, she asks Gungun to come as they must light the Diya so asks her o give a Diya to everyone. Gungun hands a Diya to everyone and even herself lights one, which she gives to Gungun who places it in the Mandir, the entire family is praying once again.

Radha keeps running in the forest when she keeps thinking about the time when Mohan jee placed his hand between her and Damini, she thinks she was not even able to save Mohan jee who protected her yet she ran away from there. Radha prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should protect Mohan jee and questions what sort of conditions has she been trapped into even when she prayed to him for her entire life, she asks him to protect her Mohan jee but unknowingly her Mangal Sutur breaks seeing which she is worried for Mohan jee.

Damini is sitting while the head of Mohan is resting on her lap, she thinks he got ready to take a bullet for Radha when she has always loved him and even waited for so many years, she asks what is missing in her that Radha has, Mohan replies that she is not Radha hearing this Damini also asks what is wrong with her, Mohan says she does not love him but he is just her obsession and she wants to attain him, he says Radha can give her life for him but she can take it if he does not marry her. Damini says it is not like that but Mohan says both Damini and her love is selfish mentioning neither Damini nor her love can be like Radha. Damini tries to argue but notices Mohan has once again gotten unconscious so she asks him to wake up and talk with him when the doctors come, Damini explains that they must treat her Mohan because she feels the effect has even reached his mind. The doctors after checking Mohan says that he has a severe injury but informs his treatment cannot be done here and he must be taken to the hospital however Damini refuses to let them take Mohan.

Radha picks the Mangal Sutur thinking this is a sign of her husband and she thinks she cannot let it be ruined, Radha thinks the bigger Mangal Sutur has one hundred and eight pearls so she cannot let even one of them get lost, Radha starts picking the pearls one by one from the ground, and is continuously weeping.

Damini says Mohan will not go anywhere and he will be treated here, the doctor says tat his life could be at risk here but Damini says she does not know anything because if he leaves then would leave her forever after which she would not be able to find him, she demands they should do whatever they can in this very location. Kaveri is very worried seeing the condition of Damini.

Mohan once again opens his eyes saying that he told Damini is very selfish because Radha loves him so much then can even leave him for his sake but she can watch him die here but not leave him. Damini instructs him to shutup assuring she will make sure he gets better Mohan calls her stupid dupid Damini, he keeps coughing when the doctors advise him to calm down because he is not able to breathe properly. Damini warns them to treat Mohan right now otherwise she threatens to even take their lives, hearing this both the doctors get really worried.

Radha slowly places all of the pearls including the locket of the Mangal Sutur in a leaf which she is holding in her hands, the doctor meanwhile are treating Mohan in the hide out. Radha very carefully starts threading each of the pearls in the Mangal Sutur while the doctors on the other hand are also stitching the wound present in the hand of Mohan. Radha keeps crying while threading the pearls as she is worried about the condition of Mohan and thinks that these one hundred and eight pearls are the sign of her love for him while this name Mohan is her soul so she can not let anything happen to him. The doctors are treating Mohan who finally takes a deep breath. Radha thinks she has threaded one hundred and seven pearls but where the last pearl, she keeps crying praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee that she should find the last pearl. The doctors mention that his condition is getting worse and it would not be their responsibility if anything happens to him but Kaveri instructs them to keep performing the treatment. Radha while looking through the Mangal Sutur manages to find the last pearl which she threads and wears the Mangal Sutur finally taking the name of Mohan jee while he also takes her name hearing which Damini and Kaveri get furious. Radha thinks Mohan jee is her life so would have to get better for her and Gungun.

The doctor after bandaging the hand of Mohan says he is out of danger and completely fine, Damini thinks he had to get fine since nothing can happen to him until he is present by his side as her love would always protect him.

Radha while sitting in the forest remembers when she was running and Damini fired the bullet but Mohan jee let himself get injured so he could give her a chance to run away, she while crying calls Ba Kai Bihari jee mentioning Mohan jee is her life line and nothing should happen to him otherwise she would die, she requests for a sign from Ba Kai Bihari jee that can tell her that Mohan jee is fine, she holding her hands together keeps praying when suddenly the feather of a peacock falls on her face but before she can hold it the feather once again fly ahead, Radha starts following the feather which leads her through the forest to a Mandir built there, Radha is shocked seeing the Mandir in the wilderness but she immediately holds both of her hands together, she sees the Diya is about to die down so rushes to protect it when she notices the Bhagwat Geeta, Radha looking around thinks no one is here but then who lit the Diya and placed this Bhagwat Geeta, she remembers when Mohan jee gave her a Bhagwat Geeta and thinks both Mohan jee and the Bhagwat Geeta have helped her a lot of times, she asks if Ba Kai Bihari jee is showing her a path and is amazed.

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