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Radha vows to not let her go, the Jailer taking the phone says Radha should decide it later but must first prepare to protect her family, what if one mistakes which she makes ends her entire family. Radha stops her warning if she even touches her family, the jailer furiously asks what can she do to her as Radha cannot do anything while she is going to do it all with her entire family. The Jailer says she is thinking from where to start, by hitting her brother in law with a bullet in his leg or to hit her sister in law in the head, the Jailer says she should hit her daughter directly in the head, hearing this everyone gets shocked. Radha stops her to not do it, Tulsi also questions what is she saying, Radha requests the Jailer to not do anything with them, the Jailer instructs them all to point the gun at everyone from Radha’s family, they all load their guns seeing which Gungun gets worried. Gungun turns to the Jailer, Radha remembers when Damini threatened to kill her entire family if she does not surrender. Radha says that they desire she should surrender so she is coming to do the exact same thing and will reach very soon, she requests the Jailer to not do anything wrong with her family as they are not involved in anything so she should not harm her and stop, Radha assures she is coming very soon, the Jailer agrees informing her to come near the ground. Radha assures she is coming when the Jailer instructs everyone to put down their guns, Radha takes a deep breath when the jailer says their escaped daughter in law is coming to surrender. Kadambari and Ketki both tell Radha to stop but the Jailer cuts the phone before she can hear anything, Gungun starts crying.

Radha also gets emotional thinking about her family, Tulsi advises her to not lose hope like this and stop crying assuring everything would be fine, Radha thinks she has to reach her family because they cannot trust the jailer, Radha quickly gets on the scooty and rides away in it. The Jailer questions why did everyone stop instructing them to keep beating everyone, Gungun is shocked hearing it when the Jailer says that until Radha surrenders they should teach them all a lesson that Radha should not be able to recognize even their face, Gungun remembers when she asked if the Jailer is going to let everyone leave, she requests them to stop. Ketki pleads with them to stop since they have not done anything, the all are beating everyone. Gungun is shocked seeing that they are even beating Ketki and Kadambari, she is not able to understand and turning to Jailer points her finger, she says the jailer told Ramaa that she would not do anything but she is a liar, the Jailer slaps Gungun who starts crying, Kadambari and Ketki are shocked seeing it. Ajeet and Rahul are also not able to defend her

Kadambari manages to free herself and runs to hug Gungun but she is once again pushed back to her chair seeing which everyone gets worried for her, they all are still surviving, Ajeet demands they should not touch their mother in law. The Jailer angrily pushes Gungun to sit with Dulari, Kadambari mentions their Gungun got injured but no one cares. Kadambari asks if she is fine.

Mohan is unconscious when Damini gets call from the Jailer, Damini asks if Radha came when the Jailer says it is confirmed that she is going to surrender, Damini asks how can she be so sure, the Jailer replies she has just talked with Radha and informs about the entire situation, how she has instructed everyone to keep beating everyone till the time Radha comes here. The Jailer keeps explaining the entire situation how Gungun helped her dial the call to Radha, whom she forced to surrender and come here to the location. Mohan exclaims he knew Radha would not care for her own life in order to save her family, Damini asks if the Jailer knows what to do next as she must kill her directly and perform the encounter. Damini once again stops the Jailer mentioning she wants to do this auspicious thing by her own hands and kill Radha, the Jailer asks why is Damini taking this problem when they are present, Damini replies she will be calm as she wants to see Radha suffer because Radha has also made her suffer and cry a lot, she remembers when Radha interfered in her wedding and herself married Mohan while she just stood there crying, and Radha even beat both her and her mother multiple times, while threatening to slit her throat. The Jailer asks if she would be able to do it since it is not easy to take a life, Damini replies it is easy when they hate someone to the extent that their life becomes a problem for them, Damini mentions Radha tried to snatch her Mohan from her so she is going to take her life. Damini says the Jailer has no idea what she is capable off doing, she informs of her past plans not knowing that Mohan is awake. Mohan says he has found out what Damini is capable of doing as she is far worse then what he thought, he thinks he would not her do anything with his Radha or family, he vows to not let Damini even touch his Radha.

Damini ending the call as if Kaveri heard since today is the best day of her life as the biggest enemy of her life is going to die and she will herself kill her, Damini asks Kaveri to take care of Mohan and suggests he should not find out that Radha is about to die because he will once again start biting like a lion. Kaveri gets shocked realizing the curses which he gave her, Kaveri asks what does Mohan need to hit them as he will surely say such evil curses to them. Damini replies they just have to bear it for some time because when Radha dies then they will see what Mohan can do.

Damini runs to leave when Mohan acts as if he is still unconscious, Damini waking past Mohan comes back to hug him mentioning she is going to finally say goodbye to Radha, and he can tell her any last massage which she would not allow to reach Radha, she leaves after kissing Mohan on the cheek Mohan opening his eyes thinks Damini is going to kill Radha and he has to save her but wonders how can he get out from this place.

Radha is driving the scooty thinking about her time with Mohan and when he finally expressed his feelings towards her, she also got emotional when Gungun decided to call her Ramaa, she got a family. Vishwaniyat mentioned that she should consider him as her father. Ketki and Ajeet always stood by her side. Radha is not able to forget the love her own father and Dadi had for her as they always prayed for her better future.

Tulsi asks if Radha thinks everything would get better if she surrenders because Damini is surely playing a very big game and this will only increase their problems, Radha vows to protect her family right now as she does not know anything else, she mentions she will not be able to forget if anything happens to anyone from her family. Tulsi agrees they should go if this is what Radha desires as they have to protect their family, and she will surely accept if everyone finds out that she is still in this world even after her death, Radha and Tulsi both vow to protect their family, they are riding towards the location together.

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