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Radha while running towards the door thinks she has to protect her family from going to jail she sees the lady Jailer standing in front of the house while the rest of the family is locked up in the vans. Radha asks them to stop but the door suddenly closes and even locks seeing which the Jailer is shocked, Radha realizes it is Tulsi so requests her to let her go to save her family, when Tulsi says the Jailer will shoot just as she sees her, the police leave in their vans.

Radha thinks of stopping them when Tulsi wonders how can she stop Radha, she sees upstairs so causes the curtains to fall on Radha because of which she is not able to see and falls on the floor. Tulsi feels bad for doing this to Radha, who requests Tulsi to not do this with her and let her go save her family because her family is suffering because of her and if she does not go to save them then no one would be free. Tulsi says she has made the promise to Maa and cannot let Radha go out, she recalls when Kadambari asked if she is present here and then informed she does not feel right about the intentions of the Jailer who is interested to send the entire family to jail, which Radha will not be able to bear so she must not let her come out otherwise they would never be able to find Mohan so she agreed to her advice.

Radha is finally able to break free from the curtain and at once tries to open the lock on the door but Tulsi using her powers manages to stop her, Tulsi apologizes to Radha as she cannot let her go out, Radha threatens to break the door but then sees the lamp placed in the hall, Radha runs to it and picking the stool is about to hit the door but then stops seeing the photo of Mohan in front of her, Radha is not able to control her emotions thinking about when Mohan expressed his feelings for her and said in the court that Mohan can never be without Radha neither in the past nor the future, and was always ready to protect her. Radha is not able to stop thinking how Mohan protected her from Damini when she tried to kill her, she is lost in his memories while looking at the portrait, she says she understood what she was trying to tell her. Tulsi says she knows Radha is worried for their family but they have to act with care and need to free Mohan along with their family so what would happen to Mohan if she suffers, Radha thinks if she goes out then the police will shoot her after which she would not be able to save her Mohan.

Damini is shcoked hearing that they were not able to find Radha since it was the last live location, the Jailer says that Radha turned out to be a very smart girl hearing which Damini gets worried. Kaveri says this means that something bad has happened when Damini explains that Radha went to the Trivedi Mansion but even then managed to escape from the police because of which they have arrested the entire family. Kaveri replies this means that Radha would have surely met Tulsi.

Radha is crying when she kneels after feeling hopeless, Radha asks Ba Kai Bihari jee what sort of fate is this since she was not even able to stop them from arresting her family. Tulsi asks Radha to calm down as they have to help their entire family and even free Mohan from Damini. Radha is pleased that Tulsi stopped her as she needs to find ways to help Mohan jee but taking out the phone explains she has to first get rid of this problem, she angrily throws the phone on the floor and then starts stepping on it. Radha thinks of when she explained she has always felt as if Kadambari is her own mother when she never met her biological mother and Vishwaniyat assured he has complete faith on her she got a sister in Ketki and a daughter in the form of Gungun. Radha starts crying thinking of how everyone was arrested right before her eyes but she could not do anything.

Damini agrees that Radha would have met Tulsi who is her biggest supporter and friend, Damini wonders what if Radha is coming here to save Mohan with Tulsi, they both start panicking thinking what can they do. Damini thinks of tracking her location and dials the number, Damini says she feels Radha would have found out she was tracking her location so turned off the phone, Damini starts laughing and even clapping, kaveri thinks she feels Damini has lost her mind and is getting panic attacks. Damini says both the dead and present wife of Mohan are coming here to save him and will even take their lives. Damini kneels beside Mohan explaining no one can snatch him from her and this time she is not going to accept defeat as he will only belong to her after today, Kaveri prays to Ba Ka Bihari jee that he should give some sense to her daughters who is taking selfies with Mohan.

Radha breaks her phone but then remembers when she saw Gungun hiding her phone in the couch, she rushes to take out her phone and using it dials the contact of Shekar, explaining that the Jailer has arrested their entire family when Shekar explains no women can be arrested after six o clock and asks if the Jailer had any warrant, Radha says the jailer even arrested Gungun when Shekar says it is wrong and assures he will bring back everyone while surely get the Jailer suspended, Radha assures if he would bring everyone back when Shekar asks her to calm down. Radha explains Shekar should go to save their family while she will save Mohan, Shekar asks Radha to tell him the location but Radha refuses explaining if he informs the police then Damini jiji would find out. Damini has the support of some corrupt people, Shekar asks how will Radha do it alone, Radha says she has the support of Ba Kai Bihari jee, Shekar asks her to not take Mohan to the police station but bring him to the house of the Magistrate and once Mohan testifies that Damini kidnapped him that no one can prevent her from being arrested after which they will ask the judge to give them some more time and they will find the proof to prove that Radha did not murder Tulsi.

Radha asks Tulsi to come as they both would go to save Mohan, Radha asks Tulsi if she is seated when Tulsi causes the headlight to flicker, Radha exclaims that two Devi’s are coming to end the schemes of Damini

Radha thinks the scooter of Dulari proved to be really beneficial, Tulsi requests Radha to take her to Mohan quickly as she will teach Damini and Kaveri such a good lesson that they would not be able to do anything. Radha gets a call from Shekar who says he has found out everywhere but there is no news about the arrest and he has no idea where the Jailer has taken their family as the arrest was illegal, Shekar says the Jailer is working for Damini and who knows what she would do to them. Radha gets shocked wondering how their family got in such a big problem, Shekar says he is not able to understand anything since they have reached back to the starting point. Radha thinks they have to free Mohan jee from Damini because once he testifies against her then no one can protect her, Radha replies the Jailer would be forced to release their family and says she is going to save her Mohan jee, Radha is adamant.

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