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Radha is still riding the scooty, Tulsi says that if this is what Radha desires then they can go and she would not even care about revealing herself to everyone, they both at the same time exclaim they have to rescue their family.

Damini is driving her car thinking that both Radha and Tulsi are going to be together, she wonders what can she do about Tulsi since they can neither see nor hear her, so even the Jailer would not be able to protect her. Damini thinks that Tulsi would not let anything happen to her, Damini calls the Jailer mentioning the plan which they have made to kill Radha is good but they need to make it full proof, she informs the Jailer abut her plan who asks what is the need for it, Damini informs Radha has a lot of well wishers and some whom they cannot even handle, the Jailer assures she can handle everything when Damini replies this is why Radha managed to run away from her grasps in the jail. Damini ending the call thinks that the biggest supporter of Radha is Tulsi but this time she has made such a strong plan to kill Radha that no one would be able to save her.

Kaveri with Mohit exclaims she is praying that this time her daughter should manage to kill Radha as she has been longing to hear the news, Mohit says this time they want a big amounts, kaveri replies the beggars have come before their plan finished when they both start arguing, Mohan thinks he has to leave from here, he starts turning his face when kaveri questions if he is awake, Mohan asks what happened to the voice of Mohit but Kaveri says that she is talking to him, Mohan says he really wants to attend the washroom but Kaveri refuses to allow him saying that he will try to run away but Mohan threatens to do it in his pants, Kaveri still refuses however Mohan explains Damini will teach her a lesson because she loves him a lot and when he says something to her then Damini would teach her a lesson. Mohan says Damini loves a strong person like him so he says she should look some dramas, threatening that he will put a lizard in her food and a lot of such bad things while he will even put her on a ventilator after which he will play with her. Kaveri questions if someone does this because of the need to attend the washroom, Mohan makes her vow on his childhood when they instruct Raja but he refuses at first, Kaveri also instructs Raja to open the rope when she suggests that someone should take him, Mohan mentions they must at least open his hands otherwise how would he leave, kaveri stops everyone saying she is so clever and not an idiot but Mohan says the men need to do a lot of things so how can he know it, Mohan says she can then come and help him hearing which Kaveri gets irritated but Mohan keeps arguing with him, he asks if she wants him to do it right here. Kaveri stops him and then instructs everyone to come and surround Mohan, while even saying they must quickly handcuff him, Raja refuses saying he does not want to be beaten, he finally helps Mohan stand while Mohit hands him the handcuffs, Mohan requests him to be careful since he has been shot in his hands.

Mohan immediately starts beating the criminals and then holds Kaveri by her neck, threatening to kill Kaveri right now if anyone of them moves even a bit since he is already furious at her, he instructs Raja to put down the gun. Kaveri exclaims if he forgot that she would take him to attend the bathroom when he did not like Kadambari, Mohan asks if she has seen herself since she always does such bad things, he once again instructs them to put down their guns, while asks Kaveri to tell her men to put the guns on the table, she yells at them all so they finally put their guns on the chair along with the handcuffs, Mohit says he does not have any gun. Mohan then asks kaveri to order them to put their phones on the chair, he even tells Mohit who says he also does not have any phone. Mohan then asks Vivek to tie Mohit, he refuses at first but then agrees.

Mohan questions Mohit where has the Jailer called Radha, he does not reply so Mohan starts beating him, threatening to kill him if he does not tell him. Mohit replies he does not know it and only Kaveri masi knows the truth, Mohan sits beside Kaveri asking him to tell, she says she would not tell him anything and it is either that he should kill him because otherwise her daughter would kill her if her plan fails to kill Radha. Mohan agrees and starts twisting his shirt, Kaveri starts making weird noises when he says it is time to use the other methods as if they are not able to get what they desire then should use such methods, Mohan starts tickling Kaveri who is not able to control her smile and then finally reveals the truth, he then asks who has the keys to the car when Kaveri says Mohit has the car keys. Mohan questions what would Mohit do with the car keys when he neither has the phone nor the gun. Kaveri stops Mohan saying he should have at least taken out the handcuff from under her since it is hurting, she starts crying thinking her daughter would not leave her, she wonders why does the innocent widow have to suffer so much.

Radha while riding the scooty prays that her family should not suffer until she reaches there, Radha and Tulsi both start praying.

Damini while driving her car thinks how Radha managed to run away from the jail and even Mohan protected her on the road, she thinks Radha managed to run away each and every time but she will die today since this time she will not be depended on everyone.

The Jailer is smiling while everyone is being beaten, Gungun prays that her Ramaa should come quickly. The Jailer thinks that she has taken half of her penance from Radha while the other half would be finalized when Radha comes here to her death.

Mohan is driving the car when he dials Shekar who is shocked to hear about him, Mohan replies Radha is not fine as she is going to surrender in order to protect her family, and the Jailer has called Radha where she has kept everyone. Shekar says that there is no record of the arrest which is why the Jailer has called them all there, Mohan replies then Radha would be killed, Shekar replies they cannot do anything legally since there is a shoot to sight order on her. Mohan says that he encounter is done privately and if the whole world is watching then the Jailer cannot kill Radha, Shekar asks what is he planning when Mohan replies he knows what to do, saying Shekar should leave everything on him. Mohan is confident.

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