Rakesh Paul on being a part of upcoming show ‘Pashmina’

Exciting developments continue to unfold for the upcoming show ‘Pashmina,’ as actor Rakesh Paul becomes the latest addition to its ensemble cast. Acclaimed actor couple Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan will reunite for the same show. Furthermore, actor Nishant Malkhani confirmed his involvement, preparing for a five-month shoot in Kashmir.

Rakesh Paul, previously seen in ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho,’ has embarked on a new venture with ‘Pashmina.’ A reliable source revealed, “Rakesh Paul has already started shooting for Pashmina in Mumbai.”

In a prior interview, Rakesh Paul expressed his eagerness to explore intriguing roles on both television and OTT platforms. He shared, “Now that Na Umra Ki Seema Ho has ended, I am looking out for some interesting roles on TV and OTT. I have been auditioning for quite a few projects but will soon finalize what sounds interesting for me.”

Reflecting on the conclusion of ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho,’ Rakesh Paul conveyed, “It is a sad feeling that every actor experiences when a show ends… But we all learn to embrace the situation over the years.” His participation in ‘Pashmina’ signals an exciting new phase in his career, bringing his talent to a fresh narrative.

As ‘Pashmina’ continues to shape its cast and storyline, Rakesh Paul’s addition adds to the anticipation surrounding this upcoming show, promising an engaging and captivating viewing experience for audiences.

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