Rakhi Sawant accuses Adil Khan Durrani and Sherlyn Chopra of hacking her Instagram account

As Rakhi Sawant embarks on her first Umrah to Saudi Arabia, a tumultuous storm brews back home. The actress and reality TV star has made startling accusations against her estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani, along with Sherlyn Chopra, and Rajshree More, alleging their involvement in hacking her Instagram account and subjecting her to mental distress.

Before commencing her spiritual journey, Rakhi lodged a formal complaint at Oshiwara Police Station, citing her mental torment caused by these individuals. Expressing her ordeal, Rakhi disclosed, “They hacked my Instagram account with over 10 million followers.”

Rakhi Sawant’s visit to the Mahim Dargah shed light on her inner turmoil. Voicing her distress to the media, she implored for a reprieve from the alleged perpetrators, highlighting their false accusations against her. Seeking solace in prayer, Rakhi sought divine intervention for tranquility in the face of the ongoing controversy.

Rakhi’s estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani, had held a press conference earlier, casting serious allegations against her, while also asserting her connection with Ritesh. In response, Rakhi conducted her press conference, bringing Ritesh into the spotlight via video call and dispelling the accusations.

As the drama unfolds, Rakhi’s friend Sherlyn Chopra and Rajshree More have joined forces with Adil Khan Durrani, further complicating the situation. This turn of events has unveiled a complex web of allegations, underscoring the turbulence surrounding Rakhi Sawant’s personal life.

With the Umrah pilgrimage symbolizing a spiritual endeavor for Rakhi, her accusations against Adil Khan Durrani, Sherlyn Chopra, and Rajshree More reveal a tumultuous chapter that continues to captivate the attention of media and audiences alike.

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