Rakhi Sawant accuses Adil Khan Durrani of exploiting her for fame in showbiz

In a recent interview, Rakhi Sawant came forward to address her estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani’s recent accusations against her. Adil, who recently secured bail after spending five months in a Mysuru jail on rape charges, had claimed that Rakhi framed him. Rakhi vehemently rebuts his allegations, asserting that he leveraged their relationship to propel himself into the limelight.

Rakhi Sawant opens up about her introduction to Adil through a mutual acquaintance. They initially met in Mysuru, and as their interactions continued, he invited her to the same city. However, she alleges that during this trip, he forced himself on her while she was alone in her hotel room. Despite this, Adil went on to propose marriage, which Rakhi reluctantly agreed to. Rakhi claims that Adil’s intention from the start was to manipulate her for his personal gain. She reveals, “He had told our common friend that he wanted to marry me because he wanted to get into showbiz and participate in reality shows. He used me because he wanted to become an actor.”

Adil had been incarcerated in Mysuru jail following a rape complaint by an Iranian national. Discrepancies arise in their accounts, as Rakhi insists they were in a relationship for years, while Adil maintains they were merely friends. Adil accuses Rakhi of bribing the complainant with Rs 3 lakhs to file the case. Rakhi denies these allegations, stating, “The girl’s bank accounts can be checked. Why would I pay her to file a case against Adil? In fact, Adil owes me more than one crore.”

The turmoil in Rakhi’s personal life extends to accusations of infidelity. Adil claims Rakhi cheated on him with Ritesh Singh, whom she introduced as her husband on the reality show “Bigg Boss.” Rakhi counters this by revealing that she later discovered Ritesh had not divorced his wife, rendering their supposed marriage null and void. She clarifies that while she maintained occasional messaging contact with Ritesh, they never met after her marriage to Adil in May 2022.

Amidst these revelations, Rakhi Sawant expresses the devastation caused by these events and refutes the perception that it’s mere drama. She underscores her dedication to her showbiz career and the challenges she has faced. Rakhi asserts her determination to hold Adil accountable if he continues to make false allegations. She now seeks a divorce from Adil and aspires to restore peace to her life, hoping to put these trials behind her soon.

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