Rakhi Sawant rebuts ex-husband Adil Durrani’s claims, Asserts her ability to conceive

Rakhi Sawant, renowned actress and reality show star, has vehemently responded to her former husband Adil Khan Durrani’s assertions regarding her fertility. The once-married couple’s relationship had deteriorated soon after their union, with Rakhi raising multiple allegations against him in recent months. Adil faced legal repercussions and was even apprehended by authorities on charges of infidelity and various other transgressions.

Adil, having secured his release on bail, granted his inaugural media interview since the legal turmoil. In the interview, he contradicted Rakhi’s claim of having experienced a miscarriage, asserting instead that her uterus had been surgically removed. Rakhi, in reaction to Adil’s statements gaining widespread attention, promptly released a video in which she affirms her capacity to bear children. She presented a video featuring her gynecologist, who confirmed that Rakhi possesses the potential to conceive, substantiated by the fact that she had already preserved her eggs. Notably, the medical procedure Rakhi underwent involved the removal of fibroids, rather than her entire uterus, as clarified by her physician.

In the video, Rakhi’s doctor clarifies, “All these rumors are baseless; we solely removed the fibroids present within Rakhi’s uterus. Her uterus is in excellent health, allowing her to embrace motherhood.” Rakhi herself expressed her frustrations, stating, “I entered into marriage with Adil with the aspiration of building a family and welcoming a child, but he persists in disseminating these unfounded falsehoods about me.”

Adil’s recent interview discounted Rakhi’s pregnancy-related claims and asserted that her inability to conceive was attributable to the removal of her uterus due to medical complications. Consequently, he labeled the pregnancy news as fraudulent. Adil further divulged that Rakhi had surreptitiously recorded explicit video calls between them.

In a prior media interaction, Rakhi had initially disclosed the legal proceedings against Adil, elaborating on the allegations directed at him. Additionally, she had candidly discussed her painful experience of miscarriage, citing the profound toll the marital disputes had taken on her well-being. Rakhi lamented, “These ongoing issues have ravaged my health; words fail to convey the extent of suffering I’ve endured due to these unrelenting problems and stress. My marriage has been bereft of any moments of joy since its inception, all thanks to these troubles.”

Amid the tumultuous phase, Rakhi Sawant has voiced her desire for a unique form of “Swayamvar,” expressing her quest to identify a suitable partner for parenthood. With a resilient spirit, she remarked, “I am now on a quest to find the father of my child. These Mysore wales, as I refer to them, must desist from meddling in our marriage and allow Adil and me to pursue happiness unencumbered.”

In the midst of these personal and legal intricacies, Rakhi Sawant’s determination to defy adversity and preserve her dreams of motherhood shines through, promising an intriguing chapter in her ongoing journey.

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